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When I pace, listen to music and daydream I feel watched..like everyday especially at night. My daydreams are inspired by a deceased celebrity (Michael Jackson)- don't judge me lol. Its always felt weird. Do you guys feel watched by a celeb or family member that may be deceased? Im not sure if there was a topic on this or not.

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To a degree we all have these type of thoughts in our subconcious mind. It's how the mind works.Its just a matter of how frequently or how heavy we dwell on them Pacing and galloping to music in my bedroom and scenes to movies is how I found out about this disorder. My biggest fear is a hidden camera in rooms where I think I have complete privacy and people think I'm on drugs or a nutcase.
Mine is Tupac Shakur for the past 22 years
My husband has wanted to install a security camera in the main room of our house for many years for security reasons. I’ve always shot down the idea because when I am home alone that is one of the places I like to daydream so being caught on camera pacing/acting out my daydream is terrifying. So is the thought of a hidden camera. I also find that during my pacing I will check outside the front door to make sure no one has come home unannounced. It’s hubitual and I catch myself checking every few minutes.
Thank you for the insight David. I love Tupac too. Who doesn't? ☺ Thank you Drema. Great to know I'm not alone. Yeah, I would be terrified too. I catch myself peeking through the blinds too. When I am by myself and my husband is at work I lock the door to my room so that he doesn't walk in and catch me. I told him about the disorder but I know for a fact he doesnt get it. I explain why doors are locked and what I do. He is okay with it but still..Im quite sure he doesnt get it. But even if he did I would not be caught dead daydreaming in front of him. I tried it for under 5 minutes and it instantly felt. Wrong. Like it made me feel naked or vulnerable..Basically embarrassing in the worst way possible.
To start with Micheal Jackson rock! I love his music.
Something freaky in my life. A few times when i have gone to do something self destructive. I have felt like some one has physically stopped me. I feel like my grand father has been watching over me. A but of a long story attached to that.
Wow Fergus. It may be that subconsciously we would be paranoid about being watched but it does feel like we may be sensitive to energy in the room. At least it would be a cool superpower. If you ever feel any negative energy or presence picture yourself with a bright white light in the form of a bubble around your personal space. Its what I learned from meditation. In my daydreams I use it as force field. Anyways, I do feel that my brother may be watching over me...and Michael Jackson himself thinking Im crazy

I've never felt watched by deceased people, even in my imagination.

Whenever I am in a stressing/trauma situation, I feel that my favorite celebrities, live ones that is, are overlooking me and shaking their heads in pity.

Dont think my grandfathee is negative energy. He
Looks after me.

My uncle passed away in 201o. The last time I saw him was around 2007/2008 when I was younger so I don't remember much. I didn't get to see him for the last time before his death due to some complicated circumstances. Because of his absence, he would sometimes appear in my daydreams, trying to reclaim the relationship which was slowly disappearing from my memory.

I personally don't like the idea of the deceased watching our every move. It kind of scares me, and it makes me ashamed of my tendency of pacing around and looking like a crazy person.

My grandmother passed away early this year, and I sometimes think, whenever I get a soothing 'angelic' feeling while doing anything on my computer, it's her that's doing it.

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