Do you feel that MD made it harder for us in our EDUCATION in learning and all of that?

I have suffered MD my whole life to the point where i feel my education was destrupted. especailly at the time i felt indenial of my MD because it was so addictive and i guess when your young you go through lots of changes with emotions and insecurities and all that. trying to fit in what not is what i went through and MD made it easier for me to feel better to escape from the reality that i had to go through.


I had BAD grades in high school because of my MD and unmotivation because iw ent through a lot of insecuities and distractions with people in high school and all of that. i just didnt know what i wanted what was going on around me. i was in a place where i didnt know myself and now i do. i dont daydream as bad anymore but i still do to ease out the pain i guess. but it makes me sad that i didnt have the best grades like the others in my highschool. do you guys feel the same way? do you guys feel you went through this as well?



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I can definitely relate. My MD really intensified throughout college. I got some pretty low grades because I just couldn't focus on the assignments. Of course, there are other things that factor into our performance, such as the difficulty of the class and whatnot. But I feel that I could have done SO much better if I was more focused. Every time I cracked open a textbook to read, I'd just lose myself in a daydream and put studying off till the next day. I would also make myself stay awake till 3am just so I could daydream, which had an effect on my performance during the day. I've also experienced feelings of insecurity... Well, that hasn't exactly stopped yet. *sigh* xD

I start high school in 4 days and im terrified. My minds running a million miles an hour worrying about if people will like me and accept me for my weirdness, and how can i possibly stay focused in class without dazing off into a daydream. I havent made new friends in years because ive always had a tight group and now that were all in different highschools i just dont know what to do. I fear im going to get rejected and then just end up daydreaming all my issues away. I worry about every little thing no matter how ridiculous it is... My grades were average in middle school but im not in middle school any more. Any advice for how you guys got through Highs school? much appreciated :/

I find that my maladaptive daydreaming has significantly interfered with my education. I get distracted very easily when reading. I struggle a lot just getting through on page of reading, without drifting off into my daydreams. It especially difficult because the reading often triggers the daydreams. I will read a few paragraphs get a triggered, daydream, read a few more paragraphs.  

I also get very anxious regarding school work and one of my coping mechanism is to daydream constantly. I would lock myself in my dorm room and daydream for hours on end. I currently brought the subject up with my therapist and maybe start looking into ADD medications to help with the symptoms. 

Yeah i totally know what you mean. I want to be a singer ive always wanted to be since i was a kid. but its so hard because i suffer MD and my daydreaming totally throws me off especially in class especially if i get into an argument with my gf or my parents i start to imagine that im in the scenario and im just lost again in class like always. i failed my fucking quiz today because i daydreamed last lecture. seriouslyits a habi for me MD and sometimes an addiction. i feel totally lost, and i dont know if you felt this but sometimes when im having hard times and just i dont know what to do with my life as a career! because i suffer MD and other things in my past that has left me trauma and led me to the person i am today. its sad and hard and the reality. and when i start to work hard to eliminate my MD and distractions i get happy but then im atuallydepressed so i want to go back to the MD and my stupid distractns like my social life and what not when really that shouldnt be important at all! but it is sub consciously. i want so many things and i dont know how to get there because im so negative and hard on myself i dont love myself. and im sorry for venting out to you didnt mean to i just understand what you went through because all im scared of is failing my dream to be a succeful singer and to one day deal with reality and become strong and control my depression. its hard and im still trying everyday like everybody else on this forum who suffers badly. THIS SUCKS.

John said:

Oh yes, MD has very much affected my education. I was always one of the smarter kids in all of my classes. I was the one people would go to to ask for help all of the time. The one people would ask, "How did you figure that out?" The one people expected great things from.

My high school GPA was a 2.1 and I ended up going to community college. I didn't have a name for it at the time, but this was a direct result of MD.

At CC, I started having a lot of reservations about what I wanted to do in life. I had known since I was 14 that I wanted to be an electrical engineer, but now I was starting to think that all the AP Physics classes, all the college courses I was currently taking, all was for nothing. All for a job I didn't really want. Just a job people said I would be good at and I could make a lot of money doing. I still didn't know what MD was, but it began to push me away from it. I knew that I would never be able to focus enough to handle the immense work required of engineering students. I thought it must have been ADD at the time. I also knew that I had these visions. Visions to be a musician, or writer, or both. The daydreams could help me do that, even if they were hurting me with engineering. I started to feel more attracted to the arts and away from science. School started to feel pointless: "I don't need a degree to get  signed!" I stopped going to class. I smoked a lot of weed.

My GPA was a 1.2 that year. They kicked me out.

During this time off from school, I ran into someone I went to high school with. "Yo did you ever end up going to Yale or somewhere like that?" Awkward.

I reapplied the next year and got my act together. Quit my job and stopped talking to any of my friends so that I would have maximum time for finishing my work. Pulled all B's that semester. Now I have a 2.2 GPA, but realized I traded my social life for that small climb. Now I have no friends left.

I dug myself into a deep whole and the light at the top is dim. Even though I am doing better now, I have a lot of work to do to balance out my past mistakes before I can transfer. Plus I still don't know what my major is or where I would want to transfer to. I'm just so lost and confused and miserable anymore. I don't want to just blame all my problems on MD but it definitely played a role.


Sorry if I went overboard this is just something that is on my mind a lot

I would have been a straight A student if it wern't for my MD. I have always been smart and I did well on tests but I hardly EVER did my homework. And I was always tired and late for school because I was up all hours dd'ing. By the time I went to college (I went to college several times and then quit) but like the time I went to college and finished I had myself on a dd schedule of sorts. When I was young there was no way I could have stayed focused not knowing what was causing my trouble. I'd love to know how I would have done if MD was known to me then. Maybe being older has helped me only lose myself in a dd when there is time. I have a strict "no late night dd's" rule because I would totally ruin my delicate sleeping pattern.

@lizzy- I hope school is going well. I managed to find other "outsiders" who had their own weird issues to hang with. Just don't be friends with the first person to walk up to you, get to know who's who so you don't have to "break up" with a friend that turns out bad. I promise you that high school is a tiny part of your life and it will be just your past someday. I already had my 20 year high school reunion! I didn't go of course :/  Just know that adult life is waiting on the other side!

I think this is all good advice here.  Try to join at least one activity/group  that represents something you like.  Find some like-minded friends - others will be nervous, too.  Are any of your old friends going to same school?  Give yourself permission to DD after you've done an hour (say) of homework; then back again.  See what time periods work, but try to be strict.  If you can only do 10 minutes at a time, do that, DD, do another 10 minutes.  I love setting timers when I need to get something done.  And remember, as someone said, this too shall pass. 

In primary school, not really. I mainly just DDed during break time and lunchtime, and since I spent the whole of that time DDing, even though it never felt like enough time, I had daydreamed enough to be able to focus in lessons.

I am currently in secondary school, and all the lessons there are much more boring, and I've managed to make some friends who I hang out with and break and lunchtime, so I tend to DD more in lessons. However, sometimes I'm lucky and get to DD, for example when I'm walking to the netball courts or changing for PE, or walking to another classroom that's really far away.

The trouble with homework is, despite being an Aries, the OPPOSITE sign to Libra, Libra being the sign that puts things off for as long as it can, I tend to do my homework on the last night before it's due in. And I DD a lot whilst (attempting to) do homework, so I get out the homework, sit at the table with my pen/pencil, stare into space, DD, and then suddenly realise that about an hour's gone by and I haven't done one single number/word/symbol/mark on the paper and it's about half past 10 in the evening.

Also, in science, I (luckily) sit on a table with my mates, but the problem with that is that we laugh at EVERYTHING, and I'm not being distracted by my DD people, I'm being distracted by real life people. The teacher's already threatened to move us. Oh well, we laughed at that too.

In a lot of my classes, we have pretty much the same people, and so all of our classes tend to laugh at everything. That's the sort of people we have at my school. I think that's the only reason I tend not to DD that much in class - because it's so funny.

School and education also tends to tire out your brain, so I've ben DDing a bit less recently. I've also been chanelling my creativity and humour into drawing comics and similar things so me and my friends can laugh at them recently. I still DD quite a lot though, but not as much in school.

The thing is, in primary school, I had no friends because they all thought I was weird for walking round the playground, and I've always been quite smart, so the work was easy for me and so my brain wasn't being used as much, so that probably made me DD a lot more.

In secondary school, they push you a lot more and put you in sets, so if you are high up, the work is more challenging. Because of this, my brain gets used a lot more. It doesn't stop the DDing completely though. However, I feel less of a need to daydream. Except at the weekends. And half term. Especially since I'll be up my nan's this half term, so I'll DD a lot more. But I won't be doing anything useful up there anyway, so it's a good use of my time.

Sorry this post is so long, I need to learn not to waffle on so much.


In high school I had a 2.0 cumulative GPA, if homework was done in class it would have been closer to a 4.0.  When I was 17 I enlisted in the Marines as a band member, mostly to get away from my parents and for the college money.  The structure and challenge definitely raised my self-esteem and gave me direction.  While I excelled at work, it took an emotional toll and I was dealing with long-term stress levels that led me to not re-enlist. 

I finished my associate degree right after I got out, I think my GPA was a 2.4 or something like that.  I enrolled in an expensive 4 year University and was surprised they accepted me and gave me scholarships.  My GPA started out a lot better, but I ended up failing two classes over my 2 years there and not doing all that well, cumulative GPA was 2.6.  I graduated though, something I probably could never have done had I not served in the Military.  I plan on going to grad school, but not until I am on a medication program that will lessen the symptoms of MD. 

I'm still at school, (at secondary now, probably starting Tertiary next year, if I can)

Mostly I've been fine with learning, but around y8/9 (12, 13 y/o) it started getting a little harder to learn and concentrate, and took a few repititions, first for some sort of division in maths, I think fractions, then onto algebra, it just took tonnes of repetions. After the earthquake, start of 2011 (luckily, my therapist decided it really may have been worsened by the EQ, and so I'm on the 6wk free EQ therapy thing for MD... yay! Haha) it got way, way worse, ESPECIALLY in maths. I used to be really good at it, usually in the top or even in the performance maths classes, but I ended up in the 3rd of 4 or 5 that year, and barely passed, barely even tried to concentrate, did absolutely no homework so I couldn't really practice what I was supposed to have learned, and quit maths for this year, which was as quick as I could! Haha

But yeah, it is affecting my learning a bunch now, and it kinda sucks. Sometimes I'm alright, though. I also have no idea, still haven't figured out very precisely when I'm likely to stop concentrating, which is a pisser.


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