Do you act like you're in that situation or do you just imagine another person is?

When i daydream i act like i am in that situation. I don't talk mostly( bcs there are other people around) but i make gestures and move by body a little, and if i am alone, i totally act like i am in that situation. Do you do the same?

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When I dream, I act like I'm in that situation as well BUT I'm my character, my made-up character and not myself. I endorse myself in music, and when I don't, I do the almost the same thing as you, but I like to walk around. My family is used to me doing that... And making noises...
I act like I'm in the situation, except I'm my character and not me.

Im in the situation most of the time. 

I totally act like I'm in that situation, and if I'm on my own I talk out loud and everything. But as others have said, I'm not me but the alter ego I've created in my head who I'd like to be.

i feel the same way. i also imagine myself in my daydream. its like im a totally different person when im daydreaming. i also make gestures and make facial expressions to express the character. its like my own movie or a novel that im creating..

It's a relief to know that other people do the same thing. I always thought I was a total freak for doing this, but I can't help it....I just get a bit lost in the daydream and have to act it out.

yes, i had the same worries and i'm relieved too

I act like i'm in the situation, but i'm not my real self, but the fictional character that represents me. However, i use this to cope with diverticulitis in real life. For example, when im faced with some kind of a problem, i switch to the fictional character that i identify as myself. It's easy to cope because she has lot of people to help her. 

I never tell my problems to real people. I tell all my worries to the fictional characters in my head and they help.

Yeah, I act like I would. And I pace A LOT while making gestures and ocassionly sound effects when its gets really bad/good. But only while my house has just my family in it. They know when to stop me... I'm actually pretty lucky in that regard, that my family puts up with my antics. I guess should be more thankful for that.


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