Hey everyone I just heard about maladaptive daydreaming. I've looked up about the symptoms and they describe be almost perfectly.
Background: I grew up in a mentally abusive home with my schizophrenic mother. I lived with my mom from the time I was 7-12. When I turned twelve I was removed from her custody and I lived with a foster family for 1.5 years. Because my mother also sheltered me, I was picked on and bullyed but I eventually changed into a whole new person and it basicly made me 'normal'. I have scince then moved in with my sister and for once in my life everything is going great. 
Ok that is how my life has been in short. But my whole life I have had these fantasys about being in a different world. I would get very into it sometimes for hours. While daydreaming I would pace around my room and fidget with my hands. To me this all sort of represented what I would be daydreaming. I've always known what was real and was wasn't I just used the daydreaming to escape from reality. 
Now what I a posting in here for is I want to know if I sound like I have maladaptive daydreaming? I've always known it was something different about me that a hid from other people. It usually happens now from if I am playing video games or  watching tv. Sometime I'll start think about a fantasy that would be me kind of starring in whatever I was thinking of at the time haha. They could get pretty complex and I would spend hours thinking what I could think about. Some things strike me as intresting and I can sometimes feel compelled to think about that and I would start creating a charicter for myself with plots and backgrounds that would make fit in with the story. I would also imagine myself as some of the original characters. 
It would mean alot to me if people could just comment their opinions on if I have this disorder/habit. If it turns out that I do could I get some advise on what I should do? I truly just want to find out if I should be concerned because I don't nessesarely want to stop but I do it when I have alot of time by myself(I have a good social life and an amazing girlfriend).
Please comment and give me some feedback on any sort of advise :)

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yeah it sounds like you do have it, if it's not a problem for you then i wouldn't say you need to do anything about it :)

I do something very similar. (The pacing/hand movements, etc., and also have used DD as a coping device for a bad life situation.) However, I don't view it as a disorder for me because it doesn't interfere with my daily functioning--job, family, friends, etc.  If you don't feel that your DD is holding you back, please don't label yourself as disordered because of it. It can actually be a gift, in moderation.  I do DD compulsively when depressed, the the issue then is depression, not really DD, even though it feels like its the DD that is hurting me.


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