Hey guys!

Okay, I'm pretty sure this happens or has happened to most of you, but I still wanted to share it, just for the sake of it. Does it (or has it) ever happen that you're reading a book, any book, and you just stop reading for a second, and start imagining what you would've done in that situation, or how you would've reacted or whatever, or even how the character should've done something else, and then that second turns into 15 minutes, and you're just like ...

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Yeah, been there. Takes longer than it should to get through a book, because of the "wandering off".  Worse when the book isn't that interesting. Triggers are terrible, since any book, piece of music or film can be one, it's hard to ever just be in the moment. 

Yes, it is ridiculous. I do it all the time. Happens in movies as well. I don't know how to stop it except coffee.

I sometimes do that. I also do an even dumber version where reading is barely possible as it triggers non book related DDing. 

I have this all the time allthough I start dreaming about what I would have written and how I would have build the story instead. because I'm a story make. Because of this I can never finish books :/

Oh, of course! 

I remember trying to re-read a good series...it took me awhile longer to finish those books. 

I seriously had to force my eyes back on the page at several points.

All the time!! Lately I have been aware of it and could stop it, but it still kinda kills the mood and makes it harder to return to the atmosphere of the book and the mood of the characters...I need to make sure I read when I really feel like it and books that are engaging.

Actually that makes me wonder: do you guys have a certain type/genre of book or a specific theme that is such a big trigger you absolutely can't read about it?

Yes, not always anything to do with the book itself, though sometimes it happens as you say.  DDing just breaks my concentration so badly that sticking with a book or movie can be almost impossible.


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