DD about events during the day that you wish you could have said or done differently.

Like this morning i gave this chick a ride home after class. In her driveway we had an ok convo, she got out the car, I talked and walked with her to her doorstep (which is the only thing i did right) said goodbye and she went inside her home. The end. When i got home i TRIED to take a nap, but that damn dd kept me awake and had me thinking of a brighter convo we could have had like say i was angry with myself for not saying what i could have said its like a mind block when im talking to them in person but daydreaming im really funny and charming Lmfao and saying things that i could have and going over different scenarios in which i could have presented myself but anxiety and this adhd is killing me. But in reality i HAVE come to were i can slow myself down you know? Fighting the Adhd? yep! anyone else? Idk if i got off topic that much but if i did, All apologies!

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All the time. I deeply analyze all my daily conversations to the point where I get upset at myself. I think about what I could have said and done differently, all the time.

I do this a lot actually. It happens more often when I have stuff to do like let's say cleaning for example. I clean and everything that happend that day is running through my mind. If there is something I didn't like I go over it in my mind a million times to the point where I even say things like " you are such an idiot " or " yeah that was real smart " out loud lol
The worst part is when I had a problem with someone if I was mad or hurt by something that was said. At times like that all I can think about is what i could have said instead or what I could say next time. :)

I do this, and I occasionally daydream about minor events that happened AGES ago. Like when I was 12 years old in summer camp, I teased a girl about her strange homemade food and made a group of kids laugh at it. Then she said "You didn't have to do that" and walked away. I felt so horrible, it was like the first time I ever did something mean to someone. Even till this day, I daydream about that going differently. What if I ran after her to apologize? What if she was someone who could have been my next best friend in life? What if we had all these things in common? Before I know it, she's a DD character.


I don't want to make it sound like I worry excessively over that sort of thing. I daydream more about current events. But now and then, stuff like my summer camp will pop into my head, and I'll daydream about different scenarios. I feel so weird when I do that. xD

@ Stephanie Exactly its like i think soooo much about it to the point were i get angry and hate my self about past convos and events then it sticks with me and i can never shake the feeling of anger towards myself off and it turns into anxiety. Its all just a big messss.

Yes, definitely do this.  Mostly I obsess over what I should have said instead of what I did say which hurt someone or made them think I was an idiot.  I would feel quite bad about it and after I exhaused myself from thinking about it so much, I would conclude that it happened and there's nothing you could do about it. 


As I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I realize if certain people were suppose to be in your life and like you for who you are regardless of what you say, then it will just happen, otherwise they weren't suppose to be in your life anyway.  This reasoning makes me feel better when thinking about conversations that didn't go so well with others.  Hope that helps.


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