As I am still relatively new to this community, I am reading occasional posts by others. I'm have noticed a lot of DDs are about their own selves.

Mine are never about me, although I can certainly see some characteristics or even who I wished I was in a lot of them. My MDD started when I was around 13. It started as I was a huge comic book fan and would simply imagine what would happen in the next issue. DC Comics heroes were the characters I responded to, particularly the Teen Titans. From there the DDs went above and beyond them being superheroes. I've imagined them growing up, dating, getting married, having kids, their kids growing up and finding their relationships and so on. The cycles can start all over again or go deep into the future. Themes seem to be either ideallic parents vs. the worst parents in the world, and romantic love.

My question is is this even normal in the MDD world to create an imaginary world that does not evolve around yourself?

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Yep. In fact, we're addicted to the emotions that we experience there, and what matters is our ability to control the need for a particular emotion (like that guy may have this fantasy once in a while or he may have it all the time during a day lol).

And choosing the 1 or 3 person type can have various reasons and thus various consequences.

Thank you to everyone for your feedback. It is really helpful.

Through my first discussion with a therapist, I've also come to realize that I struggle with being a highly sensitive person (HSP). Some things I was aware of previously — like how sensitive I am to scents, or loud conversations in the background — but other things I'm realizing are more about how I process things. Take stress, for instance. I find myself wanting to withdraw if things get too overwhelming. I've also discovered that people who are HSPs tend to have a rich, inner world. So now I am wondering if MD is also associated with being a HSP, or vice versa.

Also, I have also come to realize that there are some MDs I have that are about me, but more like I imagine an imaginary conversation with someone when trying to resolve issues I don't know how else to deal with, sometimes way back in the past, other times when someone gets on my nerves at work during the day. It certainly doesn't happen nearly as often as my main DD about the superheroes I previously mentioned, but it does happen on occasion.

Anyone sensitive and prone to bottling things up probably has a bigger chance to resort to behaviors like MD. On the other side, I'd say that having rich inner world has nothing to do with MD. Imagination is healthy but MD isn't imagination. MD is addictive attachment to it. I'd also bet that inappropriate stress response on a physiological level probably has a lot to do with MD because MD is basically a fix to deal with too much inner tension, both psychological and physiological.

It's totally normal to have all kinds of fantasies going on at the same time, be it first or third-person. Each type of fantasy deals with a different aspect of yourself that got repressed and there's no universal law what one or the other means. If, for example, you're daydreaming about imaginary conversation between you and someone else arguing where you're telling them in their face things you'd never say in real life, it immediately signals you're insecure about voicing out your opinion. But the point is, this insecurity in particular is not as complicated and deep like, for example, fear of intimacy coupled with feeling inadequate in your own body which theoretically has higher chance of triggering third-person daydreams instead of first-person, precisely in order to avoid that self which one tries to run away from. So, yeah, each type of fantasy and story behind it is a unique story.


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