I have a strong feeling that personality types are connected to one's likelihood of developing MD, so I wanted to ask all of you to share your personality types! (I'm talking about the MBTI)

For those who don't know, there's a psychological study involving 16 distinct personality types that you can be categorized as, and the study is referred to as the MBTI. If you don't know your type, Google "16 personality types" and it will be the very first site that comes up. I think it's 16personalities.com .

Mine is INFJ

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I'll post all the results I got on the tests so you can compare. :)

16 personality test: ENFJ-A

Enneagram test: 1w9

Tritype test: 3-1-7 (with wings is: 3w2-1w9-7w6)

Hope it's useful. :)

MatthewR said:

This discussion crops up every few months. Lots of people have commented on this. From what I remember from past discussions, a majority self-identifed as INFP, INFJ, ENFP and INTJ, with a smattering of the other types. INFP was the most common, I think. Fewer people identified as the SJ types.   

 Typology is really fascinating. I didn't believe it at first, until I really started researching and observing. Now it's difficult not to see patterns of type behavior in people. And not just behavior, but their faces, too. I think physiognomy is a real phenomenon. When you compare persons of the same type, they look identical, and this is true regardless of ethnicity. I'm just a bit stunned about it all.

I hope if you're still interested that you investigate the other systems of typology. Some overlap and are a bit redundant: MBTI and socionics, for example. But the Enneagram of Personality, the tritype theory, and the instinctual variants stand alone as distinct dimensions of personality. It's like looking at the x, y, z axis and realizing that there's a three-dimensional personality there, once you understand how all these elements fit together. It's enough to say that the combined knowledge in these systems constitutes  a complete theory of personality that is capable of predicting what a type will look like and why it behaves that way. I have no doubt we will eventually identify all the types. It's only a matter of time and big data. Imagine, what if all of us are just variations on a theme, a copy of a personality type that was randomly generated at birth? It just boggles the mind...

Anyway, please talk to me. I have no one else to compare notes with. My full type is INFJ, 6w5, Sp/(Sx)/So, Tritype 6-4-1. The only other system that I've found to be useful for typing is the Big 5, but it's not very precise. It's better for doing studies, I would imagine, because of it's sheer simplicity, but it's nowhere near as predictive as the above mentioned systems. Give it time. We will certainly know within our lifetimes whether the above is definitively true.  

Another INTP here. Apparently we're called "Architects," which makes sense for building dream worlds. 

I noticed the character responsible for designing the fake dreams people mess around with in the movie Inception is an architect.

Heartland Dreamer said:

As far as the Enneagram test is concerned, I'm a 6, whatever that means. 

Same as me

Lisa Sulivan said:

I am ENTJ. My lack of external support and lack of friends, meaningful relationships are the causes of MDD

I only discovered what Maladaptive Daydreaming is a few months ago, when I read an Australian article about Natalie Switala. I quickly found this forum and read something about a behaviour of Enneagram type Five (I think you actually wrote it MatthewR - but then deleted it). It was just a brief statement, but I thought Jesus, THAT SOUNDS LIKE ME! I've been preoccupied with Enneagram and MBTI ever since! I'm a Definite FIVE! Leaning towards 5w6. I was tested for both, but take tests with a grain of salt - accurate as they seem to have been. When I discovered tritypes, I read through all the different Five combinations, and never bothered to test myself. It comes down to either 594 or 549 - leaning mostly towards 594. There's not much info around about tritypes in the way of descriptions. Google any of them and they are pretty much all about one short, sharp paragraph, which ten different sites will give almost the same "cut & paste" description for each tritype combination. 

"5-9-4: reclusive, modest, discreet and quite dreamy and unassertive, such Fives possess a vast imagination in which they spend most of their time among their theories, fantasies and vivid memories. They have a somewhat bohemian charm to them – they are relaxed, casual, creative and a bit reckless. Usually pleasant and undisturbed on the outside, they hide complex inner worlds in which reality interweaves with fantasy, real with imaginary, the objective with the subjective. These Fives are gentle, sensitive and avoidant and tend to express their anger in a passive-aggressive manner.
typical subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 5w4
similar tritypes: 5-4-9, 9-5-4, 4-5-9
flavours: laid-back, unconventional, imaginative and random"

Could you get a more likely candidate for Maladaptive Daydreaming ???

I also tested as an INFP on Myers Briggs...which very much relate to.



I'm an Advocate (INFJ-T). Really cool test. Thanks for sharing!

I'm an Advocate (INFJ-T). Really cool test. Thanks for sharing!

I'm an INFJ


ENFP over here!


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