Daydreams about power struggles, violence, victimization, martyrdom and other negative things

Why do so many people have these types of daydreams and what is the cause?

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Wish I knew! I'm terrible for this. I've always romanticised victimisation. One way or another, all my main characters are seriously masochistic. When they aren't actively seeking someone who will put them down or hurt them, I'll find a way for them to end up in that situation.

I suppose the pop-psychology take on it would be that I don't feel too good about myself and in putting my DD characters through the mill I'm acting on all those negative feelings about myself and punishing myself.

Looking at why we daydream negative or tramtic events. I have noticed in lots of posts in the main forum that many of us seem to have little real emotions or feelings. Cold, empty, are some of the comments I've seen. I too have very little feelings or emotional response in real life. I think the drama we create in our daydreams is feeding the need for emotions we lack. Like an emotional drug. A tramatic event in my dayrdeam will make me cry, for real. It is the only time I cry. Same thing with love and joy, no matter how bad my DD gets I always bring it to a happy ending. The feelings I get through the DD are a high, that I can't get in real life.

i have these at times and i think its a yearning to feel a strong emotion of any kind. and sometimes in my dd im in a terrible situation or feeling something very bad, in front of someone that i want to impress. like i said, i think its a craving for some strong emotion, or attention even. maybe we want attention so much that we fantasise about getting it in really bad situations.

Hmm the reason is kinda different for me. I bawled like a baby over Toy Story 3, and I generally feel happy inside. The negative content in my DDs mostly serve as entertainment since my life has been so drama-free. The feeling is similar to how most people are addicted to conflict in movies. Life would simply be boring without conflict...and DDing is the easiest and safest way I can get my drama fix. xD It's fun to imagine what my characters would do in extreme inflicting my character with psychopathy, for instance.

I also tend to vent my stress out on my characters. If I failed a test, they'd be strangling each other, lol. But I just can't say that's my primary reason since...well, drama is going on almost all the time, yet I'm having so much fun. Oh dear, I'm starting to sound creepy. D:

I agree a lot with both grey artist and laila. I think like laila for me it is excitement and thrill and having such big life events.

But also I found that when I am In a stressfull time or a situation I am nervous for I found my dd get more and more violent and more emotionally, physically and psychologically nasty this inthink is because I am preparing myself for the worst in real life.
Say for example I am at the moment me n hubby r iin transit of moving from my mother n father in law house to our own house and telling the in laws is proving VERY difficult as they don't want us to leave and blame me not the hubby for leaving so there is a lot of tension in the house. Which automatically makes me dd of more and more violence as if my dd charictor can take all that then I can easily take what real life throws at me no probs as it will never live up to the trauma I'm going through in my dd.

But then again it could be cause and effect


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