I've been wanting to talk about this for a long time. I guess I never really had the courage until now. I think I started daydreaming and everything of the sort when I was about 6-7ish. I think it's kinda scary cause I can recall it from such a long time ago. No one knows and imhonestly so embarrassed to tell anyone. I'm 15 now and well, I don't think any teenagers my age wants to hear about me "daydreaming" or being "weird". I'm hoping to make friends on here I suppose. Just so I can relate and know I'm not the only one that has MDD

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I'm 13 and really feel the same way. I have only told one person and her automatic conclusion was that I was oppressed, which I believed until I found this website. Man, I am just so glad I have you guys to talk to as well. 


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