I have maladaptive daydreaming (of course) and I obviously can't seem to stop.  But it's way too uncontrollable, and I'm sure most of you know about that already, so I won't start that. But am I the only one who has to walk around and around and around while daydreaming? I don't know why, it just happens. Because of that, my sister has started calling me the "Walker", and my whole family is really worried about me. But there's nothing I can tell them... I mean I really can't say "Oh, I daydream about being someone else while I walk." I know it's gonna take me months to maybe start the end of my daydreaming, but maybe I could find a way to daydream while standing still. Any ideas?



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Mona, this is a really common symptom that has been discussed many times on here.  You might want to look through other discussions before you post a new one.  Either way, you're definitely not alone.  I don't do it, but many do.  

I too pace.. Maybe this could be an opportunity to reduce daydreaming....

I pace everywhere. It drives my dad nuts. It actually doesn't bother me though, I think of it as a way to burn off some weight since I barely do any of that normally lol.... As for how to fix it, maybe try drinking some valerian root tea, or some other easily available sedative? Just enough to make your body relaxed is what I'd try, it'll calm your nerves without really blunting your imagination, unlike some prescription pills. That's what I would probably go with first!

Yup! I am pacer. Especially while listening to music but I don't have to have it. That is how I found this cite. I felt something was wrong and Googled "excessive pacing".


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