OK, so I was sort of trying to tell some people about one of my dreams (sleeping dreams, not daydreams, no way!) and I suddenly realised that in some of my dreams, it's a bit like DDing - I can sort of control what I want to happen later on in the dream, and I can make stuff so that it didn't happen. I'm never lucid when I do this, but I just have these sorts of dreams.

For example: I had a dream where I was dancing with a character from my DDs (actually the main character apart from me, he's my boyfriend in my DDs, and my daydreams are mainly about us 2 sneakily doing stuff together because he's a celebrity and we're not meant to be together especially since I'm not old enough to date him even though he's only 19 lol) and I told him "We shouldn't be doing this." Then from behind this hill, 3 heads popped up, but I made it so that that didn't happen, like I do if I don't like something I've daydreamt.

I've also had another dream where quite some time before it actually happened, I was riding  a horse and for some reason I wanted to make it buck (don't ask me why, I don't know myself) and when it was the right time, it did.

Weird, huh? Anyone else ever get anything like this in their dreams? Any comments? Any spam? Well, actually, you'd better not spam the discussion boards, or Cordellia is gonna GET YOU! XD joke, sorry, I was bored.

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here are some incites from a dream symbol dictionary.


Dance/Dancing: Dancing around an issue, or moving in harmony and co-operating with someone or something. Can symbolize joy and celebration.


Horse/Stallion/Horses: Your strength. Your ability to get back in the saddle when life knocks you down. 

Can also refer to your health. An injured or sick horse may mean that you are not feeling strong enough or perhaps healthy enough to handle something. It's time to find a way to saddle up and move forward. Now is not the time to be weak.

There have been times when I've been able to control some of the things in a dream.

Yep, happens to me too, I recently written a blog post here where correlating my dreams and daydreams!these days I was searching some online papers (free of course!) that discuss correlations DD and ND, but still not found it!

I am always surprised that I don't night dream about my daydreams, when they are such a major part of my life.  My night dreams always involve real life people, some of them relatively unimportant, especially compared to ongoing DD characters.  They must involve different parts of the brain - DD & Night dreams.  The people in my DD's are almost never the people in real life, even though the emotions & incidents are.  All very interesting.
Wow! Yeah I sometimes "do" this too! (don't know how, lol) It's like I'm still sleeping but I watch it as an outer character, controlling the scenario!


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