Daydreaming happens when we are awake. Everybody knows that.

But nowadays my MD got promoted on a higher level: now I not only daydream while being awake,but also when I'm dreaming during sleep. I'm not lucid dreamer,so my brain as the brains of most people thinks that what it's happening in the dream is real (until I wake up).

So now my dreams have two levels (a little bit like in the Inception): the first level is regular dream plot during sleeping (so this is my "relity" in a sleep) and the second level consists of my daydreams and thoughts (also they have the same topic as daydreams from the time when I'm awake). After waking up I usually remember what was happening in "second level",while things from "first level" are foggy and I can't recall them.

My first dream which was like that was about reading a book. I was sitting in a car and reading a book about old woman whose name was Greta. Then suddenly I became her (car just vanished) and I was in the world of this book (this book doesn't exist,my mind created this during sleep). After that I "went back" to the "first level" (I was sitting in a car again with a book) and woke up.

In next dreams I didin't need a book or anything to leave regular dream level and go to the second level. During dreaming I also can separate first level between second level exactly like when I'm awake. Those two-leveled dreams are still rare for me,but it happens.

Have you had similar experience? Do you think it's weird?

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I'm not sure I've had one like this and never felt I had any levels but I have had dreams where I either

A. Daydream IN my dream as I wold in real life or

B. Actually one of my characters in my dreams.

The latter is the best but I find it so strange I'm familiar enough with my characters to actually be them in a dream? I think it goes to show how strong MDD is.


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