As a writer I find daydreaming essential. That is where the stories come from. But when I was younger I do think I daydreamed excessively. I think it was due in part to anxiety, especially social anxiety, and depression. As these have healed I daydream less. But I do have problems focusing and go off into thoughts which can be daydreams but can also be ideas I have about different topicl. I will say that and I wonder if I have ADD because I'm easily bored. I find practicing mindfulness helps.

Carole PInk

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Hi Carole, I'm not a writer, but for a while now I've been trying to write my fantasies down... I discovered that as soon as I finish writing a particular story the fantasy tends to go away, but soon enough I end up replacing it with something new. So far it hasn't been very helpful...


You mentioned mindfulness - do you meditate? I'm asking because that's what brought me here. The more I learn about the concept of mindfulness, the more it motivates me to give this up. I've only been meditating for about two weeks, but I do agree that mindfulness helps.

I'm a writer too and I'm trying to turn some of my daydreams into real stories. Hopefully, it'll work. I also find mindfullness helpful, not just with this, but with other issues too. I don't meditate as much as I'd like, but I do yoga a lot and read about Buddhism, which I find helps.


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