I think a lot of people daydream because life isn't fulfilling enough.  Daydreams provide a shortcut to feeling all the emotions associated with a more fulfilling, exciting life. 


I've been reading a few threads on here about people going to school every day and what not and how life is routine and dull, and I realized while reading those threads that my own daydreaming started when I was in school.  We make children's lives so boring.  It's all so structured.  School, homework, repeat.  Everyone's got to escape from the routine somehow. School and work environments can be way too repressing. 


Instead of expecting life to get more fulfilling on it's own, I believe we have to actively make it so.  We have to work at it.  That's probably easier to do as an adult because you have at least a little more control over how you spend your days.  It's still not easy, but I do think we're all capable of leading happy real lives. 

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You put my exact thoughts into what i myself couldnt put into words! (not to brag) Ive always been an imaginative child but i guess you could say i had really started kicking my daydreams into gear was the 6th grade. (again not to brag) I was in the advanced math class and i think everybody in there agreed it was just devastatingly BoRiNg. The teacher treated us like 3rd graders giving out stickers for getting a question right and loads of other nonsense even for 6th grade. Sorry i realize im rambling.. But yeah i had only two choices in that class; focus on something i had already learned in elementary school or do something productive with my creative skills. And then it stretched from Math class to science and science to social studies and so on.. Then it followed me over the summer and next year and the year after that. Just like you said same old routine of school homework repeat school homework repeat. I recently graduated Middle School with a lowest possible honors grade point average. I had straight A's in 6th grade, but as my daydreams became more intricate and sophisticated, of course my grades decreased over time making me not so sophisticated after all.. Now im scared to enter high school because im worried with all the new surroundings all i will want to do is daydream until next summer.


This probably wasnt the answer you were expecting, but ANYWAYS, yes i have always complained to myself about how completely average i have felt. All i wanted to do was make something of myself, be unique and become my own person! Daydreaming helps me achieve that. In my daydreams im just perfectly perfect. I get all the best powers all the best style and looks. It makes me feel extraordinary, without my MD i dont know where i would be right now, but i would probably be even more insane than i am now.


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