Hey, so I was just finally approved on this site (thankfully) and I've had a lingering question in the back of my mind. Have any of you tried dating someone else with MD? I was curious if an MD couple would find each other soothing/understanding. Sometimes I feel like if I dated someone with MD they wouldn't get as frusterated with me. But on the flip side, have any of you found romantic relationships difficult because of your MD? I think that it put a strain on my last relationship because he was very extroverted and I found that annoying. Also he got annoyed that I didn't want to see him all the time.

Thanks for your input - I'm interested in what you all say :)


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this is completely unrelated, but my name is also meghan b and that used to be my name on here, hahaha.

i've never met anyone else with md in person. i can't imagine what being friends with someone with md would be like, let alone dating someone with it. i think i would be jealous/paranoid all the time that my boyfriend liked his characters more than he liked me, just because i know how attached i am to my characters. then again, like you said, he could also understand me like other people wouldn't be able to. it's interesting to think about!

I've never met anyone else with MD, and I'm not single at the moment, but I certainly would be curious as to how an MD couple would work long term. I think it's stressful enough trying to date someone without MD who knows about your own daydreaming, so while dating another MDer might leave tons of room for understanding, I feel like it would lead to trouble down the line.

What would stop them from sitting around and letting each other fall apart and get lost in their own fantasies 24/7?

As for personal experience, I've had two relationships fail specifically because of my daydreaming. One partner thought I was "crazy" and left me, and I had to break up with another partner because they were creepily obsessed with my daydreams---they never wanted to talk about anything else. Literally every conversation either started or ended with some question or comment about my characters, and it was unsettling and overwhelming. 

Actually my best friend has MD...when I first found out about MD I knew she would undrestand so I told her about it and she's like wait shit I do that...soo I must say it's really comforting that we undrestand eachother perfectly and that we have someone we could relate to and tell all these problems and not be laughed at...so I could only imagine what it would be like to date someone with md...


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