Hey so i was going to try to stop Daydreaming but then my life is so bad that i realized i  cant stop and i have no reason to. But im trying to come up with new plots for my daydreams and was just wondering what everyone elses plots were

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There are other discussions with the same topic.  It's ok to start new topics, but please try to add on to old topics first, and only if you don't see one, create a new one.  

I spend most of my time dreaming about ideas for a video game. :p
Planning to make one in my free time somewhere in the future (After I get into my gameDev course :D)

Im thinking if a side scrolling adventure RPG game that mixes elements of Modern and Old school RPG
The story goes like this: There exists an Island that was hidden from the rest of the world for hundreds of years.
Thus, they never advanced in terms of technology and stayed in the middle ages.. (Swords, steel armour, bows, etc)
All of this was changed when people from the outside world discovered about the Island and how its people have created Herbs and Medicine that can grant its users amazing powers.

Struck with green, buissness men came in droves into the Island in hopes of making deals in exchange for some of the Islands secret Medicine recipie. They began to butter up the villagers by giving them free "gifts" and introducing them to the modern world.

The villagers started to become addicted to our technology and thats where the game starts. You play as a trainee warrior whom has grown a deep sense of suspicion for these outsiders and your journey begins. :D

But until now, I cant think of a name for this game. :S


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