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Curious--neurology, therapy, autism

Hi everyone! I just found out about maladaptive daydreaming and have so many questions. I've always wondered if there were anyone else who daydreamed as much as me. What are your experiences?

Has anyone else been examined by a neurologist and given an EEG?

What has your experience been with therapy?

What percentage of MDers are on the autism spectrum?


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To be honest, I'm not sure if I have MD. So, I have never been to a therapist, let alone to a neurologist. But, I do think that I daydream a lot, like way more than necessary. I can't even control it. The experience is so uncontrollable I become the "ideas" and the visions themselves, and I could walk miles and miles without being aware of my surroundings nor the time I spent walking. So, I would say that I probably daydream as much as you. But I'm still interested in learning about MD sufferers to compare myself and see if I truly have it.

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