Hey, i was suffering from MD from past two years. I was daydreaming for 16 hrs a day. t was out of control . I could'nt study ,drive my bike or do any activity properly. I had 5 alternative personalities/stories in my daydreams. I wanted to commit suicide

As we all know .. Ereteria blog


This blog is so great that it mentions everything about MD and probably has the cure.

well.. i read this blog so many times that i tried any method to feel my unleft emotions to get free of my MD.


read this blog as many times as u can .. and i will tell u how i made myself clear

CURE FROM MD( probable cure)
1) MD is probably existing because of an emotion which has not been processed properly coz deep thoughts are hard to find clarity in and is not let out because of egoless state of mind. to simply put it.. u did not get angry
If u try to remember from the past just during the pre-starting stage of ur MD. You will definitely find lot of incidents which were devastating (which may have been responsible for the existence of ur MD ), those events are so painful that u will have felt that ur life has blown out of proportion.

FIND THE FEELING .(or the incident/s :Look for those feelings which u have no proper word for it,the reason there would be no proper word is coz u havent felt that emotion when u had the time)

2) The reason we need to find that feelings is because those emotions are the ones which have been IGNORED /not felt or the feeling must have been so deep that u did not understand what that feeling is or it may be because u may have not felt that feeling earlier in life and may have been the first time so u didnt know what it is like shame ,esteem,self disgust etc.

DO NOT NAME the feeling by yourself or give any fancy name without having the chance to feel it.

3)I have seen lot of MD'ers (includes me as well) who have mentioned that the cant feel things.
In a way its true. If u have found the feeling (as mentioned above) and if u had tried to redo or try to be in that moment to feel it.. nothing would have change.. Yes, nothing changes.

RE DOING THE FEELING will once again leave u BLANK .Because the life you are living/accepting is in ur DAYDREAMS not your ACTUAL REAL LIFE. so if u are going to RE DO the feeling of an incident that is a part of your ACTUAL REAL LIFE in Your ACTUAL REAL LIFE. Its not going to work. The reason you are MD'ing is because you have lost the connection with your ACTUAL REAL LIFE. So what is use of feeling something when your are dead.FANTASY WORLD IS THE REAL WORLD .SO FEEL THERE

RE DO THE FEELING( indescribable feeling of your actual life)) IN YOUR FANTASY WORLD(yes,in fantasy world not ACTUAL REAL WORLD) with your fiction characters of the similar incident that happened in your actual real life.

Do not take or mix the characters from your ACTUAL REAL LIFE to your FANTASY WORLD.
Take ONLY THE PLOT of the incident which devastated/disgusted you and play the plot with fiction characters of your FANTASY WORLD.

You must be wondering whats the connection.....?!!!!!

In your daydream you are the guy who is good at everything ,a hero,a life saver,smart,rich,good looking,good boyfriend who has self respect ,self esteem, etc ... which means ..when you do that indescribable feeling of your ACTUAL REAL LIFE in your FANTASY LIFE. The SELF DISGUST moment would return.ALL you have to do is react appropriately ..

Simply put: You have status,respect,no self disgust.. thats why u feel happy, thats why the daydreams feels so good. And when you put negative incidents of your actual life in to the fantasy , that person(you in ur daydream) would react with proper emotions and the reason coz the wounds are fresh and u will be able to feel...

You have EGO,EGO,EGO in your daydreams but not in ACTUAL REAL LIFE. when you have that ego as a nature ,then the following emotions will flow again properly


You will get back your EGO,MOTIVATION,EMOTIONS of a normal person etc.

It has reduced my daydreams significantly.. still working on it..

See if you can relate... thank u ..

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I'll surely try this, thanks for sharing

Yup Ego :/

I though we live split between two worlds and our problem is with the real one ..But the problem is inside us and if we heal we wont be split again ..we will live as one ,,,no need to dissociate ...Every moment is to be lived with all of US :D 

Thank you so much for this!! I'll definitely going to try! As a lover of psychology I don't know how I never thought about this before, it makes sooo much sense!! The problem is not the world... we are the problem... if we cure our wounds, no matter if we do in our real life or fantasy world, there's no need to dissociate anymore cus we have everything in both worlds, good and bad feelings!!

So glad it's helping! ^^ Good luck!

@Eretaia Nice to get a reply from u...! I have got lot of questions to ask u about MD...! My MD has reduced significantly,but I still have it. Especially when I am watching tv.. My MD starts again.. I still am not able to feel things for certain incidents ..! Not able to see whether how to look at the problem..! The feeling is simply BLANK.

If you ignore the craving when it kicks in and tension starts to build up, can you pinpoint where the tension comes from? The best technique to lure emotions is to do something you'd find emotionally challenging or something that would tamper with your defense mechanisms. Although these situations may not be pleasant, in these cases emotions naturally start resurfacing and then you'd have material to work with. 

@zack : going out of urself could be helping and give you more attachment to reality and it where u can express ur buried emotion that cause DD ..I think volunteering would help greatly

@eretaia : I have some personal clarifications.. Would you mind giving me ur e-mail Id..?! I think I found when I wanted to split into two worlds .

My English very bad i don't understand
can you make list?


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