I am the least uncreative person ever, which confuses me why my dream is so intricate and elaborate. I am totally useless at art, drama or writing stories!

But i am really interested in hearing how other people put their dreams to good use and write them down into a story. I would love to do this!

I was just wondering if anyone who has been creative with their dreams could tell me where they started and ideas of what to do?

Thanks. :)

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Sorry, this probably won't be useful but I normally can't  write properly because my DDs are a private thing so I wouldn't want them in a story, and the sort of thing I imagine is a bit... impossible. LIke I'm immune to poison, can jump 3 metres, am the strongest person on the island (that's where my main current DD is set). Yeah...

BUT! You could write a book about MD! It would really help them find a cure. I would be embarrassed to publish a book on MD... I still live with my parents and they don't know about my MD so... yeah... get me?

Ooo, come join the turning MD into Art group! 

I can write some solid raps from freestyles whilst day dreaming.


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