Hey guys. I was just wondering how one can use this condition to their advantage. I role play a lot but that isnt as productive i guess. And I'm sick of procrastinating.

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Hello Neil,

Why not join an amateur dramatics group? If you role-play the chances are you have the makings of an actor. I am quite a good mimic and can do all kinds of accents, which I attribute to my MDD.

Best Wishes


You can definitely create story lines with this and maybe write something... I've never used it to my advantage but sometimes I feel like I could make a movie about something or even act in one because of my facial expressions and the way I talk/act as different personas. Personally, I'm always me, but a different kind of me.. but some people make up different people in their fantasies.. it all depends on how you daydream. 

Karen Pimentel is on point about using your daydreams for writing ideas.  I have begun using my extensive daydreams to write short science fiction and fantasy stories and I am hoping to get enough practice with it to get something published.  If writing isn't your thing, try painting or photoshopping a scene from a daydream.  If you use it right, MD can be a huge advantage for the amateur to professional artist.  Good luck!

Ps- https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/  Can give you a good place to start a daydream that could turn into a cool story.  

Mostly, people go with MDD, since it always seems the best way to channel your dreams. But since you say you roleplay, I'll go with Michael and suggest you go for acting- or anything that involves any form of creativity and something you're good at. Just play to your strengths!

thanks a lot everyone. i used to act in plays a lot but it has been a few years since.i guess its best to get back to acting.

Writing and drawing are 2 things I wouldn't be able to do without MD. In fact if I didn't had it I wouldn't be able to do it since I'm by nature a very bad writer and I never learned anything about drawing.

I both write and draw things from my imagination and for me it can give me some nice results whene other work isn't too much ;)

Writing and acting for sure. I self-taught script writing and use my MDD to write episodes for a TV series I'm working on. I'm not going to lie, it can be majorly difficult to motivate myself and organize my thoughts, but at the end of the day it is SOOO much more rewarding to have something productive to show. Once I start writing, it is as exhilarating and comforting to me as MDD. Since all of us with MDD have spent countless hours developing every meticulous detail of our stories in our head, the story comes out rich in detail and it is not difficult to excel in areas where other writers tend to struggle...mostly: character development, character's individual voices/perspectives, and meaningful dialogue.

I've always wanted to be involved in acting, but I think I'm too shy/nervous in front of people and I constantly struggle with feeling less experienced and competent than the people I would be around. I just wanted to share this revelation I had recently when doubting myself on this topic - with MDD, especially if you role play/act it out, we probably have more experience, practice, and passion for acting than majority of people even in the industry... so never let your level of experience in acting hold you back, because I guarantee you have practiced way more!

Sidenote: writing my story as a script has made it so much easier to show friends and family - I used to find it so embarrassing and they still don't know the extent of how I develop everything, but it's relieving to have acceptance over it and people enjoying reading my work instead of hiding everything. It kind of helped to break down a barrier with some friends and family for me anyways.


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