Has anyone every created a fictional planet, country or city as a setting for your daydream?

I've created two countries:

Evea; this is home to all of my daydream characters, it is a country located in North America, approximately 20-30 miles from the East Coast of America (it is on it's own island).

Niklaustan; this is a country one of my character visits as an adult, they end up adopting a child here.  It is a small country located to the south of Russia, it's somewhere people like to go skiing.

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I have never daydreamed of a fictional planet. The director James Cameron used his daydreams when he was younger to write and direct the  movie "Avatar."  Maybe you should write your daydream story down. It sounds real interesting.


Alot of my daydream worlds have aliens in them so im created fictional planets too Miyamar being one of them


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