Do you ever have this one fantasy world that you go back to everyday and continue it?
I have this thing, I continue my daydreaming everyday. I feel like I always have to go back there just to be active. I always have to add something to it based on what happened the same day in reality or just something else. Sometimes I move the days faster in this fantasy world just to get to the point where I've like planned a scene that day and daydream about it. I do have other fantasy worlds but they don't last long. They might last for maybe 3 days and then I'm back to this fantasyworld that I'm talking about. It has lasted for like 2 years and I love daydreaming about this fantasy world cause I love my characters and how the story goes, it's like my dream world. I wish I could live that life, have those friends and this perfect relationship.
I used to have another fantasy world when I was younger (maybe 9-11 years old) and it lasted really long til' I stopped one day and worked on this one. (I'm 14 years old now.) I couldn't control my daydreaming before but now I can control it more and more. I usually daydream before falling asleep and sometimes in boring classes in school. But sometimes it happens that I daydream when I listen to music or when eating dinner and so on.. But I love daydreaming and wouldn't stop any minute, I'm just afraid I might regret it when I get older, an adult.

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Yes, you are certainly not alone, my friend. I have daydreamed about just one plot for 8 years now. It's the same characters, same plot, and I will daydream everyday. I love it, because I absolutely adore my idealized version of myself's personality, her looks, everything. She's perfect. And, I love her boyfriend, i love her supportive, loyal group of friends. (the kinds of friends I wish i could have) And, I love her parents. (The parents I wish I could have. They're so understanding!!)

Hi Deena.

Yes, I too have one main fantasy that I return to time and time again.  I actually have several, but the main one has several main characters, and it's an active world with lots of adventure in it.  It can also be quite dark and bleak at times, depending on my mood.  But still quite adventurous.  Another main fantasy I go back to is more family based with characters based on real world people.  Not my own family though - an idealized version of the family I'd like to have had.  I'm 43 and have been daydreaming since I was a teenager.

Well, i have been i daydreamer and along the years, i had many stories some of them last two years it depends on my mood

  • Yes.Most definitely yes.I am currently fixated on 2 kids for about 3 months. And for years I was fixated on a guy I briefly looked at in college, that lasted from age 18-22 and still pops up occasionally. I created a life, apartment and personality, and now it's such an important part of me. Just thinking about it makes me smile.


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