I have been reading about some people having continuous ongoing stories.  know its very private. I'm curious tho about the content of others experience? for my own it is often various scenarios that are related to real life, like a future event and trying to imagine its possibilities, or replaying things that have actually happened, how Sometimes it starts out seeming like I'm causing the story, but then the scene takes over, it s even been horrific and violent at times.

Then there is a sort of continuous story, where I am a character, over years various versions of this character, and in random scenes, not necessarily in order like a time line. The character has changed names and age... appearance changes a little, but I know it is the same persona...also happens to be male and I am female IRL

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The content of my fantasies has run the gamut: adventure, romantic, sexual; fantasies based on real life, real people and real events to ones that could never happen in reality. They can be violent at times. Sometimes they are revenge fantasies involving things that I could never, and would never do in real life. There have been long story arcs that have taken place over decades of real time and even centuries of fantasy time, and very short ones that are never continued or repeated. I don't ever recall being a woman in any of them, I am pretty much always some version of myself or a "third person" observer not directly involved. If I ever did it was one of the short ones.

Whoa, that sounds exceptionally similar to mine. I have been started a continuous story with my start in maladaptive daydreaming, and as I grow, I also imagine future scenarios, and sometimes past scenes that are embarrassing for me and imagined had I reacted better, how things might go on.

For the continuous story though, I have developed stories instead of a story. The story changes, but the characters barely. I would,  add new characters and timelines if I like to, but the major ones has never changed. The difference of the stories are that, one of them involves pure imaginary characters that I don't even remember how I made them up during my childhood, and the other involve every single person I know that are at my age in a pure imaginary world.


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