I have a hard time comparing my MD to drug addiction; I've never experienced drug addiction, therefore I don't feel that it is my place to compare myself to a drug addict. I've always thought that MD is just how my brain has been wired since birth. Unless someone scans my brain and says, "Yup; your brain lit up exactly like a person addicted to Narcotics," I won't compare myself to an addict. 

I see discussions all over the internet where people who suffer from MD make claims that they are like drug addicts. I just want to urge everyone to think about how this might be insensitive to drug addicts and their families before you make this comparison.

Otherwise, if you are an alcoholic, a prescription drug user or a drug abuser of any sort and you suffer from MD, please describe your experiences with both. Help us to understand the similarities and differences between MD and addiction. 

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