I was wondering what other diagnoses people here have, if you feel like sharing.

I've been officially diagnosed with cyclothymia, which another psychiatrist permutated in ADD. Though lately I've been fighting my moods a lot.

I used to have an eating disorder but I fought my way out of it.

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Slight chronic depression that turns severe when bad things happen, anxiety that ranges from "I'm a little nervous" to "I'm too overwhelmed with life to get out of bed", a very recent drinking problem.

Long term, I did not have any mental ill health other than that slight chronic depression which was pretty easy to control with exercise and diet b/c life was generally going well.

Physically, there really hasn't been anything wrong with me except asthma when I was younger and chronic sinus probs/allergies that I've always had forever and just basically try to ignore.

Bipolar, Chronic Severe Depression, Anxiety most of my life. MD since childhood, mostly in form of grandiosity. Have done well professionally/socially because I developed means of masking/hiding it all which was quite necessary to keep profession and insurance intact. Surprising how so many people around me missed it. I constantly found myself wandering off daydreaming. I look upon my MD as having been a form of escape and thus self-rewarding. However, it was part of a derailment of things I wanted to accomplish in life. It held me back. There is constructive dreaming. Mine was destructive illusion.

As many with Bipolar Disorder and MD, I did not want treatment, not only because it would blow my cover, but because I did not fully recognize it as the maladjustment it was for me. And it provided a euphoric alternate life. Also, like other Bipolars, it made me feel I was more creative than others--more right-brained than left-brained; that I had incites others didn't.

Now that work and insurance are not major factors, I am on an atypical antipsychotic, lamotrigine, and an antidepressant, sertraline. Have never felt better in my life. Little depression, irritability, or nonproductive daydreaming. Should have been on the medications years ago. I am no less creative on the meds; actually more creative because I'm not all over the place chasing phantoms. Still have a great sense of humor, just not using it to mask problems anymore.

cheers,  LL

Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

PTSD, generalized anxiety

"Autismespectrumstoornis" or ASD as they call it in english. That is my only OFFICIAL diagnosis :)

Besidses that the MDD thing is going on, I also eat unhealty and I have signs of agoraphobia. But I have no diagnosiseseseses (lol English is difficult) for that :/

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder primarily inattentive type, & Depressive Disorder NOS.

Complex PTSD in a big way, with all the comorbid crap that goes along with it. Dissociative issues, scizo and BPD traits, depression, somatoform, etc..

Major Depressive Disorder

in and out of bulimia

Adjustment Disorder

Asperger's Syndrome. Diagnosed when I was 11. I do have some 'ADHD' sort of symptoms....I need constant stimulation so I rock/tap etc. I also have some 'OCD' sort of symptoms cause I have routines, rules etc I have to follow, and obsessive thoughts. In any case I can manage AS quite well, I have learned to function ok in public and have a full time job etc. People just think I'm quirky and hyper. I do have periods of depression but they are mostly linked to sleep deprivation and what is going on in my DD. MDD is by far worse than AS and I wish I didn't have it, but maybe it is a symptom?


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