The forums (and chat) have slowed down. If you are checking into the forums and read this please respond with a quick "Hi, I'm still around!".

As long as you are here take the time to reply to some other thread as well. It is easy enough. I'm sure there is a thread you have always meant to post in but never have. Remember how amazed and relieved you were when first finding this place? Remember how glad you were that it was an active community of people experiencing the same thing? 

Think of the new folks finding it and wishing it were a bit more active; post!

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"Hi, I'm still around!" ;)

I am still around and post occasionally. 

same here

I'm still around, haha. I've been checking in regularly since 2012.

i'm still here. i go through phases of checking this site every day and then forgetting about it for a few months, but i'll always come back.

I'm still around! sometimes I wish things were a bit more active cause this community is really the only thing I have and the people that i can talk to that actually get it, but i'm thankful for all the chats and discussions and feedback I've gotten 

Hi everyone.

Glad to see people still around.

Hi I am still here.

I'm still around! Not posting as much, but it helps reading others posts.
I'm still here! Just goin' through some s@&$!

i'm here and consider myself new because i haven't really taken the time to read forums or post anything since i signed up a while ago. maybe i will start to :)

I just came back from a long hiatus :)


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