I would like to know about some of the characters all of you guys have made up through the years. I dunno if thats too personal but I guess I'll start....


Here are only two of the hundreds of characters I have imagined. (The most prevalent)

Brittany: A version of myself? I question that because she's supposed to be me but is nothing like me. She is the daughter to Sharlee and Johnny. She is half Hawaiian half Irish, 100% unique. She met her best friend Tyler when she was 3 (they were playmates and neighbors) Her father is an ex-drug addict and she has been taken away by CPS several times due to her drug addicted father. She was raised by her grandfather until the age of 8, when she was 8 she witnessed her grandfather commit suicide. She hates women because her mother was abusive the handful of times they encountered each other. Music is her life, she is very intellegent and does well with anything that involves art. She has bright green eyes, light brown hair and is very petite.

Johnny: Brittany's young father. He had Brittany at the age of 16, he is an ex meth, cocaine, and herione addict. He is a current alcoholic. A very easy going loving man who practices laissez faire parenting. He spent two years in prison for assult on a minor.His best friend is Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters (hahaha). He and Brittany were once homeless for 3 months. He is a terrible womanizer, maybe a sex addict. But everybody loves him despite themselves and his raunchy humor. :) By the way he's like 6'5".


Anyway there are those small tidbits about two of my characters. I'm curious to see if anybody else has created a community in their mind like I have. My communtiy is soo detailed...hair colors, eye colors, food preferences, height, weight, personalities, likes & dislikes, homes, pets, relationships etc... Please share!

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This is interesting indeed. I mostly have one character that is consistently there. Her name is Renee, and she actually started in a book I am writing. I have everything detailed down to her eye color. However, when I started daydreaming more, she became more noticeable in my mind than in my book. She's very sarcastic, eccentric. Totally a female me.

I have a few characters that repeatedly pop up:


Anna: Myself, but not really. She's more of how I would like to be. She looks a lot like me except she's skinnier and doesn't wear glasses. She also has special powers: she can control fire. I call it "Firebending" for lack of a better term, even though Firebending comes from the Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender. She's not totally human; half of her consists of angel blood and so that's where her powers come from. She's just trying to live a normal life, except that there are evil versions of people like her who are out to kill her because her very existence is detrimental to their cause, which is rule over humankind. 


Alex: Named mostly because he's the actor Alex Pettyfer, but in my little world he isn't a famous actor, and his last name isn't Pettyfer. But I have such a huge "thing" for him that he became a central character in my world. He's Anna's "other half" and fights alongside her and tries to protect her from the world. They have somewhat of a romantic attraction to each other but they don't outwardly act on it. He also has powers like her: he's telekinetic. He's very protective and strong in almsot every situation, but he sometimes lets his guard down around Anna because he feels that comfortable around her.


Jake: Best friends with Anna and Alex. He's like a brother to both of them and, like them, harbors special powers. He can control the earth, aka "Earthbending" from A:TLA. He's modeled mainly after the actor Logan Lerman but only when it comes to physical appearances. He, too, is protective when it comes to his friends, but he also appreciates a good bout of humor now and then. He's more like the clown of the group.


Cara: The fourth and final member of the main group. She has a thing for Jake but won't outwardly admit it to anyone except Anna. She's like the female version of Alex: very strong, very independent, and very protective. She has the power over water and she's probably the best at using her powers because she's so attuned with them. 


I love each and every one of them to death, and it's so nice to talk about them to people who won't laugh at me or think I'm crazy. 

My characters have been evolving for 21 years.  You can bet your butt they change.  They do whatever I want them to, and I don't care if it's consistent.  I'm the queen.  I win!
I basically made an imaginary future family: husband, daughter, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, etc.  I freak myself out with though. I never have any one from real-life in my day-dreams and I'm always scared that I'll see a person who resembles some one in my day dreams. I'm also worried that if I start dating some one in real-life I'll be too attached to my "fake" relationships that realty wouldn't work out for me :/


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