I would like to know about some of the characters all of you guys have made up through the years. I dunno if thats too personal but I guess I'll start....


Here are only two of the hundreds of characters I have imagined. (The most prevalent)

Brittany: A version of myself? I question that because she's supposed to be me but is nothing like me. She is the daughter to Sharlee and Johnny. She is half Hawaiian half Irish, 100% unique. She met her best friend Tyler when she was 3 (they were playmates and neighbors) Her father is an ex-drug addict and she has been taken away by CPS several times due to her drug addicted father. She was raised by her grandfather until the age of 8, when she was 8 she witnessed her grandfather commit suicide. She hates women because her mother was abusive the handful of times they encountered each other. Music is her life, she is very intellegent and does well with anything that involves art. She has bright green eyes, light brown hair and is very petite.

Johnny: Brittany's young father. He had Brittany at the age of 16, he is an ex meth, cocaine, and herione addict. He is a current alcoholic. A very easy going loving man who practices laissez faire parenting. He spent two years in prison for assult on a minor.His best friend is Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters (hahaha). He and Brittany were once homeless for 3 months. He is a terrible womanizer, maybe a sex addict. But everybody loves him despite themselves and his raunchy humor. :) By the way he's like 6'5".


Anyway there are those small tidbits about two of my characters. I'm curious to see if anybody else has created a community in their mind like I have. My communtiy is soo detailed...hair colors, eye colors, food preferences, height, weight, personalities, likes & dislikes, homes, pets, relationships etc... Please share!

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I started to type out some of my character bios, and in doing so I realized just how meticulous my community is! I gave up after a while. What I can tell you is that all of my characters are loosely based on characters from movies or TV, but I've modified them to suit my storylines. I'm not creative enough to create my own characters I'm afraid. Physically they resemble the actor/actress that portrayed them, and they retain some of the personality traits. Obviously I add in other life events to make the character more well-rounded, but that's pretty much it.

Anyone from my real-life is never featured in my daydreams, as I feel this would invalidate the fantasy.
I have a lot. I would try to write them all down but it might take at least 30 minutes trying to discribe all the characters. If I had to count I think I have about 27 but, I have 2 main characters...I might describe them once I have enough time to...

 a talking dog who I use for personal therapy whenever trouble crops up in my life


and how embarrassing it is to admit it

Oh, this is an interesting thread!


I've created a numerous amount of characters but there are two that I was really detailed with...


Brandy: I created her back when I was 16 and coming out of the closet.  She is thin with long blonde hair, very pretty.  She's a young lesbian who lives in a trailer with a seedy, dysnfunctional family.  She's one of 7 children (all girls) and she and her sisters are all polar opposites.  One sister gets pregnant in high school, one is on drugs, etc.  Her mother is an extremely oppressive and emotionally abusive woman who constantly berates Brandy for her homosexuality (she is disgusted with the fact that her daughter is gay).  Her parents are divorced and she doesn't really speak with her father.  She has a stepfather who lives with her, her mother, and her sisters; he's a nice guy, kind of a pacifist.  The saga I created around Brandy is about her struggle to find a place within her family and in the world.


Jenna: A gorgeous blonde in her late/mid 20s.  She's a lesbian who lives with her girlfriend (whom she met on the internet) hundreds of miles away from her family.  Her mother is a controlling, abusive ex-alcoholic and drug addict.  Her biological father committed suicide when Jenna was about fourteen.  She had a great childhood; her parents were married, her mother was happy and loving.  She has an older brother, two younger brothers (one with Cerebral Palsy), and three younger sisters.  Her mother became an alcoholic and a drug addict when Brandy was about thirteen, which led to her parents' divorce.  She filled her kids' heads with ideas that their father was a horrible man, and she and her siblings refused to see him anymore after the divorce (which caused him to be severely depressed and was a factor in his suicide).  Her mother did end up receiving treatment for her addictions and she met a man whom she married and had a little girl with.  This man helped raised Jenna and her siblings.  This family is dysfunctional; an older brother who is a snob, another brother who is in jail for homocide, a younger sister who is promiscuous and does drugs, and the baby of the family is a little brat.  Jenna went through a bad episode when she was a teenager; drugs and alcohol, but she cleaned up her act.  Her mother pretty much hates her for being a lesbian and blames her issues on Jenna.  Jenna tries to be close with her little brother who has C.P., but it's difficult because her mother tries to keep her away from him.  The entire story revolves around Jenna just trying to find happiness in life.


I have many more, but these 2 stand out the most.

Wow! I'm surprised, I thought me and my best friend were the only ones who make characters and stories like this! It's a story me and my friend have been working on for almost 4 years now... maybe more? It's something we're kinda obsessed with, or addicted to... anyway we split the personalities among each other, there are at least 64 characters between the 2 of us pretty evenly split.

I have many characters, but most of them are based on celebrities or people I know in real life. I'm not creative enough to think up my own characters. :\
all my characters except for a few are my own creation. I hate having real life people in my daydreams because that ruins it

That's interesting...sounds like a well written book....bet you could write one:D

I think at one point I did share, but I have since removed it...I was chicken, but, yeah, I tend to weave pretty intricate stories....now in the survey the psychologists in NYC were doing, I told them, went into as much detail as possible, because I figured it would be important to them.

Most of the characters in my daydreams are taken from my favorite movies. I do have original characters; the majority of them are the biological children of the movie characters. The odd thing about it is that, in my daydreams, nearly every single couple is same-sex. I have worked out plausible explanations as to how they can have children with each other, but still, it takes quite a bit of suspension of disbelief to wrap your head around it.


Here are the bios of the four children of Tarrant Hightopp (the Mad Hatter) and Willy Wonka. Both are the Tim Burton versions of the characters. I have created more children for different characters, but for now I will just talk about these ones:


Durian Hightopp-Wonka - At 20 years old, Durian is the eldest of the children. He has untamed brown hair and green eyes. He is cheerful and sly, but has a morbid sense of humor and likes to dabble in the occult. He is in love with another one of my characters, Ophelia Todd (the eldest daughter of Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands), but she seems undecided as to whether or not she returns his feelings.


Coriander Hightopp-Wonka - Usually called "Cori" for short. He is the 2nd eldest at 19 years old. He has orange hair styled into a neat bob cut and violet eyes. He is quite the diva (even more so than Willy) and is vain, selfish and lazy.


Marlene Hightopp-Wonka - She is the 3rd eldest at 10 years old. She has brown hair which is styled into an asymmetrical bob (left side shorter, right side longer) and violet eyes. She is very cheerful and outgoing, but is also very aggressive and domineering and has a temper. She tends to be abusive towards her younger sister, most likely out of jealousy.


Pristique Hightopp-Wonka - She is the youngest child at 8 years old. She has long, wavy orange hair and green eyes. In contrast with her older siblings, she is incredibly shy and quiet and has low self-esteem. She is easily embarrassed and prone to crying. She suffers verbal and physical abuse at the hands of Marlene, though thankfully her parents step in to intervene whenever they can.


I suppose I should also mention Willy and the Hatter's relationships with their children. They are very loving parents who do not show favoritism towards any of their children. They try to teach their children to follow in their footsteps and become expert makers of hats and candy.

Most of my Charater are mostly from Movies and singers. Except for one I made a twin called Jojo lol I made her when I was real little and its like I grew up with her.
One of my characters is my twin Jojo she is british because we were separated at birth.

ooh! one last character now that I have my laptop and am not too lazy to type on my iPhone


a prevalent one is Kasha, she exists in my futuristic space fantasy. At about age 14 she escaped from an oppressive society but has an extremely lengthened life span because of future science. She's been friends with me for at least 3 years now and I guess I kind of have a crush on her :P


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