Who is your main character and what is your most common body movement? Mine is MAKAVELI and I pace.

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Hi David, my main character is called Gen and I make facial expressions.

Did you create Gen?

My main character is Germund and I make facial expressions and sometimes speak out loud.

If something "dramatic" happens in the daydream, I either a) throw myself onto, or thrash atop, my bed (if I'm in my room), or b) suddenly break into a run (if I'm walking outside). Pretty embarrassing if there are people around, but I can't really help it.

Are you a quiet, standoffish person when it comes to group interaction? Do you feel like you are using this method to express yourself rather than using your words and interacting with the group? Does music and movies "trigger" the symptoms?

I'm quiet and standoffish when it comes to strangers and people I don't know very well. I hate making small talk and avoid it at all costs. With friends (one on one or groups), I'm much more relaxed, friendly and natural. It can be difficult to mingle at parties and in big groups where I don't know everyone and people are already talking to each other, but I think that's normal for all but the most gregarious types.

I'm not sure what you mean by "this method" in the second sentence. Can you rephrase that?

Yes, music and movies absolutely trigger daydreaming and movement. Sudden "inspiration" can come from almost anything, I find -- books, podcasts... I am also almost guaranteed to daydream as soon as I get into the shower!

Emma and until I left for college I would swing on my swingset outside my house. Now I have to settle for pacing in my apartment. The swing is far superior though.

Mine is James and I pace in circles.

Sorry this is late!

I did create Gen, I started off with a kind of "template" when I was around 6 or so. By this I mean I took my favourite characters in a group from various books/movies and then used them in elaborate stories and scenarios in my head. After that, the main character, my favourite, eventually evolved over the years to become even more complex and elaborate. The story character was the basis for my imaginary character. It moved from a kind of cartoon style into a realistic style over the years. My character has got her own personality, life story, everything. She has been with me most of my life, and I have this inexplicable emotional connection to her. The surroundings, the world doesn't really matter, for me, all that matters is the character herself. 

I guess I enjoy daydreaming because I feel 

Music is a big trigger, as well as anything to do with art or aesthetics. Video games and especially the art related to them, i.e. fan art or promotional art. Shopping centres, the moon/moonlight as well as even the smallest things, e.g. walking in a certain way, pieces of glass from a broken bottle, etc are also big triggers. The biggest thing is that I actually enjoy all of these activities, and I can also conjure up a daydream at will anytime, anywhere. This makes it quite diff

Dusk to Nighttime in the city is a bad time if I don't want to be daydreaming. The city lights and sunset are very distracting. 

my main character goes by the nickname owl but his real name is chris. he got that nickname because he stays up all night due to insomnia. i pace but i don't have to be pacing to daydream, it just helps

I don't really have a character. My daydream involves a "better" me generally I look the same but I am more confident and successful. I pace a lot when I'm alone while listening to music but can also sit listening to music and daydream if there are people around.

I pace and make facial expressions - i love walking by myself because its 'daydream time'

She currently goes by Effie, short for Nephele. This is her third "incarnation" so to speak, same character canonically I've had since age 10 but I get bored with certain details like name, nationality, age, etc. 
Facial expressions, gestures, moving my lips and/or talking. Walking/pacing sometimes but not compulsively so. 
I'm an introvert with social anxiety, so yes. I'm fine with friends. Daydreaming's more about my lack of focus and boredom with mundanities. Music somewhat of a trigger, movies big time trigger.


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