I just thought it was interesting that my main characters are 17years old, and I will be turning 17 this April. Is there any grown adult on this site who daydreams using main characters in their teens? Or, do we just all daydream using characters whose ages are really close to ours,because people our age are easier to connect with? When I was 8-10, my characters were 16. But, I changed it to 17 when I got closer to becoming 16 myself.
How old are you, and how old are your characters? (Main characters, or even your idealized version of yourself; your most important characters). I am currently 16 years old, and my characters (Lizzie-my Ideal Me-and her boyfriend, Max) are both 17 years old, and seniors in high school. Lizzie's friends are the same age. She has 5 best friends that I daydream using everyday. And, I am 16 and a half.
What about you? This shall be interesting!
-Jennifer x

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I am sixteen. Because my daydreams are usually based on television shows where the characters are in their twenties, I am usually of that age as well. Sometimes I am my own age, but I find that if I am I will usually skip ahead at some point to the age of the other characters. When I was a kid, I and the other characters would be kids as well, but I have never daydreamed where the other characters were teenagers.

My main character is in her twenties like me, but she is about four years older than me-mainly because her wife is based on a crush of mine who is 18 years older than me and I thought that adding a few years would make it less weird.


My character has a huge family that goes back about 5 generations, oldest ones are in their 80s and 90s and the youngest person in the story is a newborn. My daydream children (both mine, hers and ours that we adopted together) range from a 20 year old step daughter who has a little girl of her own, and the youngest who is one-he is the first of the daydream kids that was born in the time I have been daydreaming-although my character had several new baby nieces, nephews and cousins born before that, including quintuplets.)


Out of the relatives that the character is closest to, most of them are in their twenties too.



Before that, all imaginary characters I created in my daydreams were my age too, except for extra daydream siblings-daydream me always had older siblings who were 1-5 years older than me, as well as a bunch of younger ones, but never younger than my youngest siblings at the time-usually in the big age gap between me and my sister, and my younger brothers.


Its strange, this is the first character I created who is older than me-between the ages of 16 and when I first created this daydream I have now, my characters stopped aging and were 15-17, until they leapt up to my current one, who is older than me and is married with kids.

My characters age, but my main Daydream i focus on is when theyre in high school. So theyre sround 16/17/18
they were older than me when I created them, Now im older than them.

I pretty much let go of my really old daydream because when I hit grade 10 It felt weird to daydream about 7th and 8th graders lol so i made a spin off


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