I just thought it was interesting that my main characters are 17years old, and I will be turning 17 this April. Is there any grown adult on this site who daydreams using main characters in their teens? Or, do we just all daydream using characters whose ages are really close to ours,because people our age are easier to connect with? When I was 8-10, my characters were 16. But, I changed it to 17 when I got closer to becoming 16 myself.
How old are you, and how old are your characters? (Main characters, or even your idealized version of yourself; your most important characters). I am currently 16 years old, and my characters (Lizzie-my Ideal Me-and her boyfriend, Max) are both 17 years old, and seniors in high school. Lizzie's friends are the same age. She has 5 best friends that I daydream using everyday. And, I am 16 and a half.
What about you? This shall be interesting!
-Jennifer x

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I'm 25 and mine are all different ages.lol I have babies, teens, adults thru elderly. My main characters are a couple and their kids. The couple is in their mid to early 20's...so around my age. Their kids are always 0-5 years old. I change it almost every time I daydream.

I used to have a character who was the same age as me when I was younger but now that I'm older (25) I tend to make them a litte bit younger usually about 20 or 21. 

When I was younger, I had a "brother" who was two years older than me and a "sister" who was about two years younger than me. I am an only child and deeply desired siblings so they are my most vivid creations. Now that I am an adult, I sometimes create fantasy children that I have. They are typically really young, between one year and four years. I do not generally create characters who are older than me although sometimes my "spouse" or "partner" may be a bit older than me.

I'm only 19 but my DD characters are about 25-30

My main characters have always been older than me, between 25 and 30, but their age often changes, like when Im able to go back into one of their pasts for a while :)

Michelle Young said:

I think it is harder for a young person to get into an older character than vice versa, as every older person was young once. Truthfully, I remember my young thoughts/feelings very well.

Interesting you say that..all my characters are my age or older, unless I'm playing their 'younger self' and in that case it's just a memory and doesn't last for more than say, 2 days.  My alter ego is 41 and I started him when i was 13. I guess I just wanted to be older.

Usually my same age (21)...or between 20-22 for my ideal me.  Characters around her are older but her best friend that she has her same age. Other friends are between 20 until 26. She has a brother, older than her, more or less 7 years of difference (27, usually). I saw this like a "protection" for her...Her parents are 49-50. I really love my "other" family. 

i started daydreaming at about 4-6 years old and my character has always been 18 years old for some reason my characters never age or die. In my daydreaming there is like this scientist guy who made a type of immortal potion thingy and my main character stole the potion from the scientist and drank it then killed the scientist so there is no more potions and my character is the only person in my world who lives forever and never ages lol yeah my daydreaming is weird but i like it and i also have a theory that maybe i made my character live forever because i dont want him to leave me, maybe i just want him to stay alive with me forever ( and yeah my main character is a guy even though im a girl)

I started DD when I was around 10 years old.  At the time, my character was 16, and she has stayed 16 . Neither she or her friends or anyone she has interacted with, in the last 40 years, has aged.  I have gotten older - they have not.

I have characters who are my age, characters in their late 20s and characters in the 50s. They are families so the parents are in their 50s while the children are my age and in their late 20s. I have been daydreaming the characters who are my age since I was 12 so they have grown with me. The others characters came around in college.

i'm 21 and my characters including me are 28 or 29 , because i may achieve what i dd about in the fuure lool

My character started off in high school when I was 15 she was 13. At age 18 I even got a tattoo of her on my forearm. I'm 20 now and she's 18. Her age stays consistent as I grow she does too. I find it easier to relate and understand her thoughts and emotions.


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