I just thought it was interesting that my main characters are 17years old, and I will be turning 17 this April. Is there any grown adult on this site who daydreams using main characters in their teens? Or, do we just all daydream using characters whose ages are really close to ours,because people our age are easier to connect with? When I was 8-10, my characters were 16. But, I changed it to 17 when I got closer to becoming 16 myself.
How old are you, and how old are your characters? (Main characters, or even your idealized version of yourself; your most important characters). I am currently 16 years old, and my characters (Lizzie-my Ideal Me-and her boyfriend, Max) are both 17 years old, and seniors in high school. Lizzie's friends are the same age. She has 5 best friends that I daydream using everyday. And, I am 16 and a half.
What about you? This shall be interesting!
-Jennifer x

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yeah It kinda happend unintentionally. I just kinda scrapped my old daydream and thought of my characters in the future, so techinally my original characters were in their 40s and I would mostly focus on their kids, who were 13 (thats how old i was at the time)
but eventually the old daydream just kinda disappeared and i made the new one the present and they are all my age lol. 
if that makes sense.
but i never dayadream in order...one minute i could daydreaming about them when theyre 16 and 20 minutes later im daydreaming about them when theyre 43

I'm 14 right now. My character is usually either my age or pretty close. I daydream about people of all different ages (however, people older than 35 are usually very minor characters).
Sometimes my characters age, sometimes they don't. My daydreams have never been precise about times or dates (for example in my daydream it has been February for the past 8 weeks). I just make my characters whatever age I feel they should be. I usually don't make them older unless they've grown as a person somehow or them getting older would help the story in some way.

I'm 23, my idealized version of myself  is 30. She has always been older than me, but her age is consistent with how long I have been DD. Most of my characters are 30s, 40s, and parent figures that are 60+.

Often in my daydreams I create something like my future but in alternative versions. One of my char. lives in world that is completly different than ours but the beggining of the story was in my school (so it beggining in "our" reality).
Time in my daydreams is kinda wierd. My char.'s story started in world like ours but when I was 13 (I'm 15 right now). Today he is nearly 20 years old...sooo yeah... (And lives in land with magic, dragons and some other surrealistic stuff)

I'm 25 and the age of idealized self varies wildly. It really depends on the specific DD, but I'm usually between the ages of 15-33. I know that is quite an age gap, however, I have several differing story lines that I jump between depending on my mood. When I DD younger, it usually involves adoption of some sort (basically, I get adopted by characters from BBC Sherlock). As my older idealized self, I usually DD meeting and falling in love with a certain actor. It really just depends on my mood and my specific needs for that day/situation.

My main character is from another planet, but she likes to visit Earth often. On Earth, her age is the same as mine (21), but on her home planet, she is 100 years older (121). 

I feel as though that makes me seem weird....

Some of my characters are my age, while others are not. 

Most of them have grown up alongside me. While some are new additions and haven't. 

It varies. 

Same age or around my age.

he is 24, I'm 17!!

I'm 17.

My characters are actually adults, most of them in their 30s (some are a couple hundred years old oops). They do have kids, that are about 14.

I've been daydreaming since I was approximately 6 years old and my character has always matched my age at the time. I'm 36 now, and I often wonder if this will continue as I get older, or if I'll daydream a younger me.


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