I just thought it was interesting that my main characters are 17years old, and I will be turning 17 this April. Is there any grown adult on this site who daydreams using main characters in their teens? Or, do we just all daydream using characters whose ages are really close to ours,because people our age are easier to connect with? When I was 8-10, my characters were 16. But, I changed it to 17 when I got closer to becoming 16 myself.
How old are you, and how old are your characters? (Main characters, or even your idealized version of yourself; your most important characters). I am currently 16 years old, and my characters (Lizzie-my Ideal Me-and her boyfriend, Max) are both 17 years old, and seniors in high school. Lizzie's friends are the same age. She has 5 best friends that I daydream using everyday. And, I am 16 and a half.
What about you? This shall be interesting!
-Jennifer x

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I've had the same fantasy world since I was 9.  My main character has always been my age, and she's grown up with me.  Back then she met several people who were older than her, and they remain older than her.  In her teens, she met some people who were her age, so they're still her age.  Basically, she meets people of different ages, and everyone grows right along with her in real time.  

When I was little I used to imagine a day of a year of my character. So the first day of daydreaming I would be zero, the next day I would be one and so on.

Now I keep to the same age as me and I daydream about a different character. But my Birthday is not the same as my character called Amy (the ideal me). Amy's Birthday is the 20th September whereas mine is the 21st. I did this because I wanted to be a Summer baby and the 21st is the official day of Autumn, but I liked when my Birthday was in real life. Although, I do also daydream about my character's past and future to some fair precision.

we are the exact same! i started daydreaming when i was 9, and my characters were 16. when i was 12, i started daydreaming about the set of characters i have today (i'm 16 now). i daydream about my characters at all ages of their lives, but probably 90% of the time, it's when they're 16-17, and that's how it has been since i was 12.

i've always been curious about what happens when i become older than 16 or 17... will my characters grow up with me? or will i be daydreaming about my 16-year-old characters when i'm 25?

hmm when I was younger(6-7)-I always daydreamed my characters being in grade7-8. when I was in grade 8 I was creating new characters that were different from my characters when I was 6/7, and I made them my age. and my characters kinda grew up with me and were born the same year. But i still daydream about them in the past and future

I am 21, my main characters are between 20-22, plus one is 4 and one is turning 8 next month. The 4 year old is new. The ones in my age group have been with me for 11 years and I still remember when the 7 (going on 8) year old was "born."

I had a new main character about six months ago who was 16, but I haven't used her in a while. 
When I was younger, the main character ages were all over the place; my earliest memory of MD, my main characters were my age, and then there were quite a few adults as well. I was 3-6 years old. When I was 10, I no longer daydreamed with anyone over 14 but I had a few who were younger than me by at least four years. 

Wow! Wow, this is really interesting. Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone! Judging from what you're all saying, it seems as if we mostly daydream using characters around out age group...I guess because that's our mental maturity, you know what I mean? It's hard to act like a 16 year old if you're in your twenties. And, 16 year olds have a hard time acting older. (Trust me; high school is awful with kids like this).

I am 23. My alter ego is 42, my friends are 41, 23 and 24. 

With me I am stuck around 19. My females MC's are always about 19. In the last few years feeling kinda sheepish about this I have upped ages at times. Sometimes my current MC is actually 26. But usually no older. Which I don't get why. Something about clinging to my youth maybe? Most likely.

My male MC's are always older though. But even when I was say ...14? The "she" would be about 16 or 17 to 19. I can definitely say none of my characters grew up with me.

I find that my characters are about my age but some of them are older or younger.

They are ageless in a way too. unless its a character that I've moved the story on to their child or something like that. I will revisit earlier plot that I made up from that characters past if it suits me. I prefer that they do not age much unless I use time skips in my story...I know..i'm weird lol i'm cool with it.

I'm 16 but my main character is 12- sometimes 13-depends what stage, and his name is Josh. He has an 11- sometimes 12 y/o sister. I created them when I was 10 but the story line was weak back then, now I'm obsessed.

When I started to focus on my favorite character, I was 11 and she was 15. As the times have progressed, she is now a god-like figure and 37,000 years old. I'm 16. So my age differences are ridiculous, haha.

I am in my early twenties and a lot of the time I that I DD I am me....just in much better situations where I get different kinds of attention. I do however daydream about being 17 again, only the daydream is MUCH different than when I actually was 17. I also DD about being in my thirties quite a bit as well, though the fantasies are not very realistic at this point.  So I would say that my fantasies take place in any age group because I do it so frickin' often I have found my mind placing me in all stages of life.


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