For the last two years 90% of my daydreams include just imaginary conversations(me explaining things to other people, like philosophies or more often my issues) . Usually I don't even visualize the person I am talking to. I feel like those inner dialogs have seriously damaged my ability to hold actual conversations. Can anyone relate? Has anything helped you reduce it?

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i can relate to. But i still hasn't found any solution

I do this when I’m missing validation, stimulation or mental acuity with others. It can be vexing because you end the lecture and realize no one witmessed some very interesting things you had to say. (I’m not sure how profound they are in hindsight, probably idiotic, but in that moment I always feel let down.) Sorry, this is hard to describe. I’ve never learned how to utilize these DDs, but I have scored a fair bit for dialogue in short stories or novels I write. 


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