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Can someone please get rid of all these ads

I am sick and tired of the dicussions page being full up with football and movie ads

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wow ive just logged in and see what you mean

You can write to the moderator http://wildminds.ning.com/profile/CordelliaRose and ask her. I did it previously and she was removing spammers. 

Yeah, what does football and movies got to do with this site?!

I don't think anyone is steering this boat anymore. I don't know if the site has moderators other than just Cordelia and I don't think that she is actively monitoring the site anymore. Not only should the spam be removed but the spammer should be blocked.

I think the only way to combat the bot problem is to have an active team of moderators. Like Paul said, Cordelia isn't really active enough to keep them in check. One or two bots have been banned in the past but like a hydra, for every head you cut off, two more grow back in its place, so what we really need is a couple of people who can log on a few times a week and nip these spammers in the bud before they get out of control again, as they are now.

Unfortunately I do not think this will ever happen or that Cordelia will ever promote anyone, which is a shame, because all the spam makes this site pretty much unusable for me. First they took over the blog section, and now the discussion threads too. It's a real waste of what I thought would be a good community to engage in.

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