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Do any of you guys replay scenes of movies over and over and over? I know a lot of you create scenes and characters. I think my scenes already exist in movies and interviews and I replay it and memorize it

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I don't watch many movies, but I have a habit of reading good books over and over. Not how normal people that might do a reread once a year, I mean I actually reread the book about 10 times in a 3-4 month period, with all of them much longer than the whole Harry Potter series (I live in HK, so the books I refer to are mostly written in Chinese, just to give you a comparison by mentioning Harry Potter). Of course, in the process I read the scenes I like much more detail than other parts, so in this case, I do think it is quite similar to replaying a movie scene over and over. However, I am uncertain that I read it for solely memorizing, it more likes helping me to develop my own MD scenario instead.

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