Have you ever wanted to bring your daydreams into life through an outlet such as art, writing, music, etc? If you are actually working on this, has it been helpful in any way?

Bonus question: Do you think your products of MDD will resonate with many people and hence have the potential to become successful?

Being an art student myself, I am often inspired to make use of my MDD and project it into my art - namely, drawing the stories and characters on paper. For this reason, illustration and animation seem the most appealing choices. Granted, it is very competitive out there, but if anything, one redeeming factor of MDD is that imagination itself can be to your own advantage, and originality makes for fresh material that is appreciated in the arts.

Regardless of the obstacles it entails, I'd like nothing more for MDD to be a gift that is to be utilised and embraced, rather than a curse.

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It's an great idea. Often though, I don't have the will to do it. I like art, but it is only an outlet for me. A fun activities that help me stop MDD. But, yea if you want to pursue this good luck.

I'm going to meet somebody this week, who I have been chatting with, ergo, MDDing about. I'm running all possible scenarios in my head. I'm mostly tuning the DDs to make room for realism or maybe just disappointment.

Its odd though. There are many people who I've met online and then offline, but I'm not sure I MDDed about them. Lets see how this rolls out.


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