I fade in and out of my daydreams all day. I find myself getting annoyed and irritated with people who interrupt me (even if they don't mean to and I am supposed to be doing something) when my mind drifts and I start daydreaming and then I get angry.

I know it isn't their fault that I feel annoyed and irritated when I am interrupted but I still sort of take it out on them and act annoyed and irritated, maybe even rude. I get so annoyed that I just want to leave and be left alone.

How can I handle this better? How can I work on getting less annoyed with people interrupting my daydreams.

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I do this as well. Its also not always related to DDing either. I often snap at people when I want to be left alone (people exhaust me, and a lot of the time most forms of human interaction I find draining). I know irritability and anger are common symptoms of depression and ones I've always experienced with my own problems. 

I've read your other posts and you said you have AVPD and severe anxiety (not sure if you have depression as well but I think DD is usually a way to cope with other problems) so maybe it relates more to that then the actual DDing. Most people would be annoyed if they were stopped from doing something they enjoy and people interrupting you forces you into the real world where you feel alone and depressed and away from your fantasies where you feel safe, happy and free from your anxiety.

You could try breathing exercise or maybe try telling them that they are making you anxious and that you need some time for yourself and if possible leave the situation. I'm not sure if it is possible to get complete control over the way you are feeling and responding to people whilst there are still other problems that are the cause of your DDs. 

Yeah, I do it too.When I'm on the middle of a daydream my sister tries to have a conversation with me. When she does that I get angry and snap at her. It's wrong but I can't stop myself.


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