Hey there! It's be a while since I posted. I feel so thankful. First, I began learning to play piano and I'm working on a novel. I wrote numerous poems last year so I jumped in head first toward writing a novel during National Novel Writing Month. I have been meditating daily, I have been also on the road to getting healthier by limiting bread and ice cream and stopped days

Despite the side track of taking Accounting classes (blah). I have determined that is the absolutely wrong path for me and have been focusing on the things I enjoy that I should develop.

For the past two weeks, I have been on vacation. I use this time as a reflective time with family and friends and myself. During this time, I have learned to accept my daydreaming and channel it into my creative and health pursuits. It's still a work in progress, but it's working.

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I've always felt that the only thing you can't teach a would-be author is imagination. If you have MDD, you have more than enough. The rest is just craft. Read up on writing and you should be OK. 

Thanks Blair. I have been doing this. It's tricky being comfortable with taking the imagination to the page. At times, I feel ashamed to do so. I am also reading more fiction again -- since I'm not reading accounting books :) This should help.


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