Hi, hope this helps bring light to daydreaming, and lets people know they aren't alone.


Thanks, Cordellia, for the conversation!

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What a wonderfully cogent article! A clear, understandable look at maladaptive daydreaming.

Would there be any potential downside to calling maladaptive daydreaming a pathology?

“Only in a sense in that if you call it a pathology, you’re looking for a very specific concrete kind of cure, and that tends to be a pharmaceutical cure,” Klinger replied. “It’s not as productive as it would be if you handle it on a behavioral basis.” Many people who have intense, plot-rich daydreams function well at work and in relationships, he noted. And for those who don’t function well, it could be productive to tackle the themes and conflicts that come up consistently in their daydreams, resolving those issues through therapy.


Deal with the underlying problems with medication if necessary (e.g. attention problems arising due to depression, fueling spacing out) but maladaptive daydreaming itself should be treated through psychotherapy, not medication. It's an addiction and you treat those with changing behavior and thought patterns, not with pills. You break down fantasies one by one. If psychotherapy proves useless, then it's therapists who are using wrong approaches. Which happens in majority of cases.

Thanks for the article! It's refreshing to see more publicity being cast on MD once in a while.

This article was amazing.  I was at work taking a break and browsing facebook and finally found a name for what I do.  I just started crying and crying, I was so relieved to know that I am not the only one.  The article gave me the tools to tell my husband about it.  I have never told anyone before.  It's the strangest thing to have over 30 years of hiding just.. over.  

This website and the article give me hope, just knowing I'm not alone helps me in ways I couldn't have imagined.

It's a good article indeed. I forwarded it to my psychiatrist.

What a great article! And it used a quote from me about my Harry Potter obsession. LOL! I'm definitely keeping this article to show people.


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