Thought I would start this as I assume Light is still away.

Am heading to Florida tomorrow to see Mother for Easter.  I hate flying, so would appreciate any prayers sent my way on Fri. and next Tues.  

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April 20. It's been a couple of very rough weeks, with me behaving/living like an addict... These last few days I've had lots of therapy. My mind and heart are back on track. It's funny, it's almost like waking up after a long sleep. 

I think it's all those endorphins racing around your brain.  Like after having too much sugar or alcohol.  We can only take so much "pleasure."

Speaking of...has anyone read "50 Shades of Gray"?  It's a run away best seller here.  Targets the number one fantasy of women of all ages - submission.  Goes a little to extremes but the atmosphere is definitely erotic.  Many sex therapists & feminists have been discussing it.  It just is hard to be politically correct in the bedroom.  Therapists have said that for a long time they thought this fantasy would go away as women gained more power in relationships, etc.  But it remains unchanged.  Newsweek did  their cover story on it; it has been so huge.  Men apparently have lots of different fantasies, this being one of them & not the main one.  This is pretty much it for women.

It's a trilogy.  I am just starting book #2.  Gotta run.

Yes I've read all 3 of the "50 shades" books a few weeks ago.Incredibly poor writing but great subject matter.They are a massive hit here in the UK also.Incredible to think that the author couldn't get them published and they were originally a free download online.

1 read all three although I skimmed 3 because the writing was so bad. I was erotic but the female lead was so dumb and the descriptions redundant. My daydreams are not about submission and controll. Light eroticism , would no mind reading more with equal partnership - but no sure where to, besides my daydreams have fantastic sex,


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