I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when I was in 9th grade. I have also been doing what I now know is called MD since at least... 3rd grade, I think. I'm not sure exactly when it started because I know I used to play by myself for most of my childhood and can recall digging a hole to China with the family dog before that point.

I can't really figure out whether or not the Bipolar makes the MDing worse or better during the Manic and Depressed episodes I have throughout the year. If anything it pretty much stays constant, just the depressed episode usually bring out the darker side of my daydreams.


I also absolutely have to pace and verbalize during my DDing (Unless I absolutely cannot possibly get away from prying eyes and ears) which can make it very hard. Right now, I'm trying to quell the need to DD (it would interrupt people's sleep) because I cannot find the keys that I need to lock the door behind me if I were to go outside for a walk so that I can DD without disturbing anyone.

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I wasn't diagnosed with Bipolar, but I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, which has aspects of bipolar. So I go through the mania and all that. My episodes don't cause me to daydream any more or less, but sometimes my daydreams seem to trigger mania. I often break night because of all the DD. I pace and verbalize as well. It used to be a must, but I recently learned to daydream in public, or lying still in bed, though in those cases the daydreams don't go on for very long.


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