Hi!  I'm the webmaster at:  http://daydreamingdisorder.webs.com.  I had posted a comment a few months ago, looking for anyone who was willing to post a video about Maladaptive Daydreaming.  The only one that I've found was this person here:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n_YFewDpjw

 If anyone else would be brave enough to make videos about our problem, I would LOVE to post a link to them on my site.  Believe it or not, you would be one of the few (and first) people to speak openly about Maladaptive Daydreaming on camera.  Don't do anything that you will not be comfortable with in case it "goes viral." Hope to hear from someone soon - email me at my site or here to let me know where the video is posted.

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I would happily do it, but somehow my webcam got deleted from my netbook, and I can't seem to reinstall it......and then it died. Lol. Oy. I know a lot of people are scared to talk, and you don't have to do anything before you're ready.......but I can tell you from experience that opening up more & more has felt really good. It's scary, but it's crazy how fast you stop judging yourself.

Also, if you do, feel free to post the videos here or a link here, so we can all see. :)
Oops. That link doesn't seem to work for me.
That's weird. Neither link is working. I'm not sure why.
highlight the link, copy it and paste it in the address bar. it works for me then.
I just got a cheap webcam. Not very high resolution though. Hmmm....
Don't worry about the resolution, it's the content that's important. This will add a whole new dimension to this forum!
Well, I can't seem to get the sound to work. Ugh. Tech support is closed until Mon & the manual is a joke. No tips. I'd try my netbook, but the program is on a cdr, and my netbook doesn't have that. I don't know what to do. I'm so helpless when it comes to technology.
Cordellia, it would be awesome if you did make some videos :)
Fantastic you tube vid! And great that the comments after say a little bit more about MD. I think the interest in this is going to grow massively over the next few years - and hopefully that will mean some progress in dealing with it. With more and more of us recognising it and thinking up and trying new strategies. So, good on the boy who made that film.

Cordelia - would be fantastic if you made one too - when the technology starts behaving. Good luck.
Ok, I managed to get audio record.........but it's really, really quiet, even when I try to talk loudly. There's a loud hum in the background, too. You can seriously barely hear me, and I can' scream the whole thing, so it's gonna take some more work. Any computer geniuses out there who can advise me? I can never get through to tech support before they close. I'll try again tomorrow.
Ok, here it is. Sorry if there's a weird sound in the background. Not sure what that is. Still working out the kinks.
I started a new channel since the old one is under the name of my failed business.............
New one is under AmethysteRose
Check it out! Thx!
Hi Cordellia,

Well done. I could hear it all well enough. It's really interesting to get more of an insight into your life. You're much braver than me! And i'm even worse with technology - this forum stuff is all new to me.

Do you think your daydreaming takes you away from your anxieties? If you're in a nice daydream while getting ready for bed might you check your locks etc a little less? May be that's for another thread.....

Thinking about videos and educating non daydreamers. I think it would be good to have a video which is really short and just about MD - explaining what it is, what it's like when you can't stop and the good things/bad things about doing it. Would you - or anyone else - be up for doing that?


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