Just wondering if this has happened to anybody else? If so, what did you do to make it not as bad?

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Ya mine goes wild during stress.Like today I was nervous about talking to this guy and he messaged on my phone and my MD went wild, but I have to remind myself to stay conscious.Does anyone know how to deal?

Oh yes, absolutely.

It's terrible because I am betting for most of us the MD starts as a reaction to stress in the first place, so when the stress comes back, your body and mind wants to cope by just shutting things out and going to private mode. 

But I think what Satchi said is best, to stay conscious. Maybe say, "I know I am doing more MD because I have this problem I don't want to deal with." I find it kind of helps me just to say to myself, it's ok that I feel like I need to do this right now, and my life and its problems will still be there when I get back to it, and then let myself dream. But if there's anything urgent, then obviously this is not such a great solution. Sometimes you just gotta be tough with yourself and say no, or not until I deal with this big thing. That's really still quite hard for me.

My MD started when I was about 7. I probably would have outgrown it eventually if it weren't for the fact that I was almost constantly stressed out from age 9 all the way up to age 14. And I mean stressed out to the point where I was practically an adult already at age 10, and had to teach myself how to be young again.
Yep it became really bad.

when i have an exam or test close by, like tomorrow, and i havnt studied anything (thanks to facebook + MD), i just start MDing like crazy...  i guess my brain prefers to MD rather than face difficult situations.... i feel so pathetic afterwards when i realize that i could have reviewed everything in the time i spent MDing

Omg u are so right. I feel so pathetic when I know I haven't studied and I knew I had enough time

My daydreams used to be an escape from my horrible outer life.  Now they're more entertainment and to enrich my outer life when I'm bored, which is often.  I, for one, can't daydream when I'm panicking.  I have really bad anxiety, and when I'm panicking, I can't relax or enjoy fantasizing until I resolve whatever I'm panicking about.  

Absolutely.  I've done it my entire life- since Kinder at least.  At times, when things were going well in my real life, I'll notice that I hardly ever enter my MD world.  I only daydream when I'm stuck in a really boring situation like a long drive or a long flight.  But any time my life gets stressful or boring, yes the MD gets much worse.  Sometimes to the point that it is all I do with my spare time. 


As for your second question, yes I'm here trying to figure out what to do to not make it so bad.  What do you do?

Yes.  I MD like crazy when I am really stressed. It's worst when I am alone then as I will make loud humming noises while I day dream.  That's a sign for me that I am super stressed.  So i set down some ground rules for myself.  I have to meditate twice a day, whether I am in the mood to do so or not.  This has limited my MD to normal day dreaming, except for at night just before  go to sleep.

A person who was emotionally abusive in the past, is going to be visiting soon. The aunt, even before reaching here, has communicated her usual jibes over the phone. This has triggered major MDD, the negative thoughts and scenarios playing on a loop. I'm asking myself why is this getting to me, when I have successfully reached a state of indifference.

I have been using my MDD for creative writing, and its been working well for me. But now my MDD is being used up to manage stress.


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