I'm Curious, about what everyone else thinks about maladaptive daydreaming. Do you guys think its a good thing? a bad thing, or even both. Do you feel gifted to be able to have such a vivid day dreams, or cursed.

       For me, I don't really know how to veiw it, its a nice way to leave the problems of the real world, but I'm becoming obsessive over it. I feel like I'm choseing my daydreams over my friends and family. But at the same time I don't want to quit? So what do you guys think about it? Good Bad OR both.

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I'm fairly sure I can speak on behalf of the whole community in saying it is definitely both, you just have to control it and find a balance that works for you, a balance that allows you to get on with your life but still be able to enjoy daydreaming.
It can be used constructively eg. I am a student and this habit of daydreaming allows me to think of several possibilities in my head,connect different ideas and so helps me solve problems and understand things better. So,it is a very good thing in one way. But excess of it can interfere with your life and then it is a bad thing.
It definitely has both good and bad points to it. I think it's really just how you live with it and how you let it affect you that makes the difference. I know it sometimes makes me sad, but I still couldn't imagine living without it.
For me it is a really bad thing. Im completely lost. Although i've had MD for a half of my life, the stuff i daydream about isn't positive and cant use it for shit. I only dream about myself and what a big star i've become, when in fact im just living at home. You cant really draw any positives from that.


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