Last night I met up with my good friend who I haven't seen in a while. We met in this miles long trail to take a walk and catch up. This place is known to always show you something new because it stretches for miles. Sometimes you'll walk by a lake, a mini Grand Canyon with a rusted chair atop, trails with perfectly lined up trees, a power just goes on. 

Well my friend and I got really blazed. I mean really blazed. The kind of blazed where you can MD any moment. The kind of blazed where you simultaneously MD and are aware of your actual surroundings. 

We climbed up the mini Grand Canyon to see if we could sit on top of the chair. Once we climbed up there (after my unsober attempt), the chair was rusted through. We kept going and walked so far away from our original starting place that we realized we were lost. We saw a power plant and the backyards of other people. I saw my characters walking among us, upset that we were lost. I couldn't quit imagining that they were there. I was stuck between both worlds.

I asked my friend if she ever daydreams, if she ever daydreams so deeply that she forgets where she is. Or that she sees imagined places. My friend was stumped, she didn't really know what to say. She ended up saying that she doesn't daydream like that. So I dropped the subject.

It got completely dark and we were miles away from our cars. We decided to walk into that neighborhood so at least there would be street lights. All of the sudden, a man in all black runs in between yards like he's running away from something and runs past us. I pulled out my pocket knife. He stopped to tie his show laces. I decided to ask him how to get back to the main road. We finally got back to the main road. We ended up on the entire other side of the park! Then we had to walk back into the woods to get back to our cars.

After this, we went to Texas Roadhouse and chowed down. Our waitress was hilarious- and not intentionally. You could tell she was partially faking her super country accent, and her voice would waver from country to yankee to southern. And she even pulled up her apron up to her boobs in front of her table of men! I guess that's sexy? The guys stuttered after she did that, either aroused or shocked. I'd go for shocked.

After dinner, my friend and I parted ways and I MDed on the way home. At least I tried to explain daydreaming. But her reply made me feel uneasy. Maybe I am crazy. Oh well.  

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I like you style of writing my friend :)
and you are not crazy


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