All MD'ers.. See if this helps your MD.. and post your comments..

Respect is like air.Because respect is like air. As long as it’s present, nobody thinks about it.

But if you take it away, it’s all that people can think about.
The instant people perceive disrespect in a conversation, the interaction is no longer about the original purpose—it is now about defending dignity.

When we recognize that we all have weaknesses, it’s easier to find a way to respect others.

Without excusing others’ behavior, we try to sympathize, even empathize, with them.

So, see if this helps for your Maladaptive daydreaming..
Use this towards who is disrespecting you.

-"Lord, help me forgive those who sin differently than I.”

- Source : Crucial Conversations..

When we do this, we feel a kinship or mutuality between ourselves and even the thorniest of people.

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