just a question. I have ADHD, i was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, and it totally explains my "maladaptive daydreaming". Maybe for all of you daydreamers, there might be a chemical imbalance in your brain causing this. because this is not at all normal. well maybe a little. but not really, no it isn't . I just want to know why some of you don't take medicine for it (assuming you don't) i mean have u guys gone to see a psychiatrist or something because i did, and it helped. I just want to know what you daydreamers do about this, do you just accept the fact you have it and not do anything because honestly you can't help yourself with this kind of problem, you can't just not daydream or say "today im not going to daydream". I've tried this before i got diognosed. It failed i couldn't help it, nobody can, you can't work against your brain. its useless and a waste of time. medication however can because it can provide your brain with what it's missing. i've started medication (adderall xr) it helps me focus more, i dont necessarily stop daydreaming but the stimulant helps me focus so much that i forget all about it. Im hoping to get a higher dosage, because this disorder has ruined me, all of my life i've been misunderstood and discriminated. Honestly i don't consider myself a "maladaptive daydreamer" anymore. It's ADHD (for me), if i didn't have ADHD i wouldn't daydream. I don't think maladaptive daydreaming is a disorder, its more of a coping skill for a bigger problem that i think some of you don't know yet. I've read stories about older adults who still suffer from this, it just doesn't make sense to me. At that point you should have realized that something is wrong with ur brain. and maladaptive daydreaming isn't explained, for example we know we daydream but why? because its a coping skill, right. but why is it normal people dont do this. Something's wrong with your brain, its neurological. My biggest regret in life is not finding this out sooner. because i had to live undiagnosed for 14 years. i used to think people just hated me. because i couldn't control what i was doing. for 14 years i've been kicked out of schools or had to leave because of my behavior. And most recently now. It just makes me upset, sad and really hurt. Ok so overall my question is; Do you think its from adhd or any other disorder and if you do, do you take medication for it and if you dont why not. Also how come im the only figuring this out and im only 14, i mean i would've thought someone would catch on sooner or later, but i guess not.

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First off, I'm not saying that YOU don't have ADHD and that Adderall isn't right for YOU. From the little you mention of behavioral issues it may well be. 

Just be aware of a few things: Adderall is one of the most over prescribed meds on the planet, and not without side effects. Even more than you are relieved, parents get freaky relieved to have "the answer" to why their little darling is acting up. And finally, if you take your car to a brake shop, the problem with the car will be brakes every time.

So, while it is a lot to lay on you at 14, I would suggest that you take more responsibility and control of your meds and your treatment than your parents and doc are expecting. I'm not saying don't take them by any means. But do work on coping strategies in addition to the meds. 

Some ideas:

  • Ask your doc and research your self (in case the doc is a tool) how food allergies can affect ADHD.
  • Try and have a seminormal sleep schedule. 
  •  Body maintenance and self monitoring. Stay hydrated, don't let your blood sugar crash, don't hold your pee.
  • Make to-do lists and maybe even use a daily planner. 
  • Find some kind of hobby that burns calories AND forces you to not completely space out (skateboarbing, karate).
  • Don't let your living space (bedroom) get to cluttery. That can be very overwhelming to ADHD people.
  • Say "no". ADHD people tend to be "people pleaser" and overcommitting can send you into a downward spiral.
  • Say "no" to your parents. Parents  get freaky happy that you are all "normal now" and push you into to much stuff.
  • Check out online forums and such for ADHD people.

While some of the bullet list above might not have been possible before it may well be now that you are on meds. Also the meds are not magick, they are a tool; and not without side effects. Coping strategies + meds will let you use less meds.

*Bonus thought: the skateboarding/karate/whatever thing isn't BS, that can really help. If the meds are helping enough that you and your parents can see a difference and you have always wanted to get into "whatever" but your parents are against it? Now is the time, lol. Pitch it as ADHD treatment and even get your doc onboard. ;)

Well, I’m 14 and have maladaptive daydreaming, but I’ve never really looked into any medication. And that’s because I can control it, to an extent. I have straight As, can pay attention in church, and I’m fine with socializing. I just create for myself certain times to do it. Like instead of doing in class, I do in on the bus and in the hallways. I don’t have ADHD, I don’t think. I don’t have depression or OCD, which a lot of people who have MD seem to have. I just pace around listening to music while I daydream intensely. I think of it as more of a hobby, and honestly, a way for me to get exercise. If its more severe for you, then yes, getting medication is just fine. But I think some of us just don’t struggle with it as much as you do


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