I daydream too much,i cant seem to focus much.I find it difficult to sit at one place for long time.I have fidgety too.My room is always untidy,unless some cleans it,i eat lays a week ago and i gave wrapper of it today to my brother to throw it in dustbin as he was leaving the room.I do have problem with completing tasks plus and i am a complete procrastinator. Yesterday i had an exam i could not study much,i have severe lack of motivation,i want to achieve and be successful but i don't feel any stress compelling me to study and serious lack of motivation to study. But i don't have outbursts of anger at inappropriate time.I feel i am very calm.Can anyone help me,can anyone let me know any tips to deal with this issue.I feel i have ADHD. Please share your views,even if you disagree.

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I have these sorts of issues too.  It's hard to overcome.  The only thing I can suggest is trying to reprogram your unconscious mind by recording audio messages (giving commands to yourself) and then playing these on loop while you sleep.

Thanks. lemonhaze

In the past, what helped me studying and completing a career was taking paroxetine, an antidepressive drug, it helped me a lot with my lack of focus and attention. Besides, I didn´t feel bad side effects with that drug. I left taking it for some personal reasons but I noticed my mental performance decreased a lot. I wish you good luck!

No Agent, I don't think you have ADHD. I felt I have ADHD too. And went to doctor, started to medication, concerta. But it did nothing but keep awake for days. So I didn't focus on my studies but DDs. Cant focus is belongs to MDD. Sure about that.

        I don't think you have ADHD . MD can cause a host of other disorders, but I really don'believe you have this one !

        I have had MD for over 63 yrs (unknowingly , until about 2 months ago) and I have found that prayer and sincerely         seeking  God the Father   (praying for deliverance and wholeness) ,...is the only answer !!!  

  Note:  We have a Group  (here at wildminds)  called  " Spiritual Enlightenment" ,... our focus is Prayer , Encouragement  ,Deliverance , & Soul Salvation .      ( You are welcome to join us or place a prayer request at any time .)  

                ( Our prayer times are  5 am  ,  12 noon ,   &   9 pm )

 "Be Encouraged"    (God Loves YOU ! )


@A.Altai  Thanks for posting about your experience, just in time actually.

At 38 I'm doing a masters degree and have exams in 1 weeks time, but mind is out of whack. I was actually thinking about buying adderall, but then I know I am prone to addiction, I hate meds, and anything that might mess with my mind I dont wanna go near it.

But what do I do.

I actually do know what to do - I have to make the characters in my MDDs say "But I dont exist" and poof they go. Some MDDs are about real people and possible conversations with them so that's a challenge. Plus I'm convinced my menstrual cycle is also connected to it. Which in turn makes me wonder if it'll dissipate when I hit menopause.


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